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This year I am making a homemade advent calendar with a mix of the mini macrame stockings, brown tags and little presents hanging from a brunch or two.

If you are running out of advent calendars ideas, here are 32 amazing ones to make your life easier.

32 ideas of what you could have on your homemade advent calendar and inside the mini macrame stockings which you can purchase here.

Mini macrame stocking 32 advent calendar ideas

Mini macrame stockings– Filled them with

  1. (macrame)hair clips/hair bands
  2. mini wooden cars
  3. eva & rose mice or sylvaninan families
  4. stickers
  5. mini bath bombs
  6. (macrame) keyring or blacelet
  7. lego
  8. crayons
  9. Christmas stamps
  10. chocloate coins/sweets

On the Brown tags- filled them with activities or notes

  1. write a thank you note to a family member/friend/neighbour
  2. random act of kindness
  3. go for a forest/park walk with torches
  4. dinner with candlelight
  5. Christmas disco/karaoke
  6. watch a Christmas film
  7. make/write Christmas cards
  8. make biscuits & hot chocolate
  9. read/make up a Christmas story
  10. donate food to your local shelter
  11. make a pinecone bird feedere
  12. have a picnic under the Christmas tree

Hanging mini presents- pick something small, useful and ethical

  1. colouring book
  2. crafts material/set
  3. books
  4. Christmas socks/underwear
  5. handmade Christmas tree decoration
  6. playdoh
  7. puzzles
  8. mindfulness cards
  9. child friendly nail polish
  10. WWF animal adoption certificate

Enjoy being creative with your mini macrame stockings here and don’t forget to share your Christmas advent calendar with me on Instagram here

happy festive season,

Isabella x

Mini Macrame Stocking
Mini Macrame Stocking for Christmas advent calendar by Isabella Strambio
Mini macrame stocking in a pink room setting setting
Mini macrame Christmas stocking
Mini macrame Christmas stocking by isabella Strambio

32 ideas for a homemade advent calendar

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