Success to me is taking others on the same journey with me! 


I'm so proud to have been able to help ambitious women around the world turn their passion into their successful dream businesses.

Whether starting their own creative business from zero, bringing their business ideas to life, to advancing their business to the next level of growth.

They have all done it!



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From insecure maker to a confident wedding expert

Jo from @tyingtheknotdesign


Stand out from the crowd to create a unique & growing business

Claire from @hookedincotton


Building a thriving business aligned to her true passion- natural dyeing

Tara @tara_macdonald_


From having a creative outlet to owning a fully fledged creative business! 

Laura @drawingknots


From an overwhelmed maker to a confident macrame artist sharing her knowledge with others

Joanne @joanne_at_studio13


I started from scratch, not even a name for my business... 4 months later and I have a brand, logo, instagram account, and etsy store and made over 20 sales in my first month! Lucy @Mingo&co

From heavily relying on social media to a new way forward

Ellie from @Elka_textiles


Thanks to the Isabella's support we've gained  130 new subscriber over a period of one month!  Double of what we were receiving previously!

- Ellie Fisher

Weaving Creativity was a completely holistic course covering creativity and how to increase creative potential including tapping into the spiritual side of creative ability.
An amazing approach which I have not seen covered before. Isabella was amazing.

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My macramé bug really took hold when I discovered Isabella's fantastic book “Macramé for the Modern Home” and then looking for my next challenge, I joined “Become a Confident Macrame Artist", the boot camps and finally got really serious when I joined "the ecosystem of a creative business". 

When I enrolled in the course, I didn't have a formal business. Instead, I was contemplating the possibility of turning my passion for macrame into a business and under Isabella's guidance and coaching I'm doing just that! 

It all starts with passion...

Meet Samantha, from Australia,  founder of @discovermacrame. She wants to turn her passion into a business and joined "The Ecosystem of a Creative Business". 

I received lots of support from Isabella. Throughout the course she demonstrate in great depth how to implement and get the most out of social media, website, nurturing the mailing list, photography and even PR and sales!  

Throughout the course, Isabella provides a framework showing you just what needt to be in place (website, mailing list, social media and more) to support making sales and profit from your creative work and services. Since joining the course I've achieved a long list of achievements which wouldn't have been possible otherwise:
  • I have created 3 large works inspired by my Chinese heritage
  • I m now comfortable expressing myself through macrame and my art
  • I've won 3 competitions art prices!
  • I know how to navigate social media, how to make reels
  • I know what it means to work on my ideal client and much much more..

It's now clear to me what it means to understand and know about my Ideal Client and I'm looking forward to develop more my skills on this area.

I'm at an early stage in my business journey so making products and selling is now my top priority.

The authentic messaging unit of the course was extremely important and had a huge impact on me! I'm much more relaxed and at ease with myself sharing stories in the social media word as a result! 

Since joining the course i've created original work with my own personal message, i've won first price at samford show arts and craft competition, grow my audience and found new outlets for collaborations!    

Thanks for delivering an excellent course! 

i now have a lot of knowledge about the whys and hows of a creative business.
I thoroughly recommend this course! 

I had no clarity: I needed an understanding and a plan to set up my creative business

Gunita @signaturebygg UK

I have been selling my macrame decors at the markets and craft fairs but I felt I needed to go
deeper… I was struggling with confidence, selling online and had no idea about my niche. 

I've learned so many valuable lesson in this business course starting from understanding where I was at in my business!

An eye opener for me was to understand my ideal client and that I wanted to have a soul lead business.

There was so much information to absorb weekly and a mix of self introspection and business learnings, like how to price products and craft workshops, styling pictures and so much more....

I immediately started running workshops after I completed the course!!! This was such a big challenge for me specially as I started at the beginning of the year, but it worked out. 

Isabella was always available to answer my doubts and queries. She's was very supportive and encouraging throughout. 

i recommend this course 100%
to everyone who wants to get clarity and a clear understanding how to turn your passion into a small business.

You will learn hands on tools and skills and isabella will mentor you in order to take action on them 

 During the course my confidence has grown, I still have things to work on but it was such a great experience and journey! 

Regardless of whether you have an established business and are looking to take it to the next level, or whether you are a beginner like me, you will benefit from Isabella’s training and experience in this course. 

Regardless of whether you have an established business and are looking to take it to the next level, or whether you are a beginner like me, you will benefit from Isabella’s training and experience in this course. 

Isabella will not just propel your business and give you the tools to find your gap in the market, but she will support you as a creator and as a human at a level the few people I have worked will. Her passion is contagious and she will see you for who you are, and that is a gift that not many people have.

It was the best value for money I invested on my business that year. I got so much more than I expected, and it is still paying off. Such fabulous content and what a great community to be part of.

Leonor @leonormacramemaker

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