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I'm a macrame artist that loves sharing her passion with other creatives. I discovered macrame by chance in 2016 and from that very first knot, I fell in love with this ancient craft and turned my hobby into my full-time business.

My mission is to share my knowledge with other creatives, like you, and help you bring more creativity into your lifestyle.

I am most passionate about macrame and I am sure you will grow to be too, very soon.

I am Isabella!

how my hobby turned into a full-time business

I'm a macrame artist that loves to share her passion with others.

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In this section here, you can discover how little you need to actually start this craft. You can also get access to a library of free macrame tutorials and basic macrame knots; perfect for beginners! 

If you're looking to advance your macrame skills, you'll want to discover all of the workshops and online courses I have available for beginners, intermediate, and advanced macrame makers here.

And if you want to learn how to turn your hobby into a business, join the waiting list here for my curated group program, "Knotting Your Business to Success". It's ideal for macrame makers that want to turn their passion into a profitable business.

I have made it very simple for you to step into the world of macrame. Here's how:

It's true! I wrote a book and it's all about macrame! It's called "Macrame for the Modern Home" and you can get a signed copy at the link below!

Macrame for the Modern Home

i wrote a book!

— Robyn, United Kingdom

"I signed up to the 'Become a Confident Macrame Artist' course not really knowing what to expect as I was a complete beginner. This course is amazing and it really has opened my eyes on how creative your mind can get through macrame. Loved every minute of it! Thank you!"

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