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all you need to start learning this craft 

Unless you are making a large piece of macrame, you don't really need much to start macrame: a wooden dowel or ring to hang the strings for the macrame, a measuring tape, sharp scissors and masking tape to fix the macrame on a flat surface while you are working.

I wrote a blog post THE BEST 3 MACRAME TOOLS and in there you read about the tools I recommend to invest if you have fall in love with macrame. Discover here.

Next, you need to purchase the material. You can find the list of my recommended suppliers here. Where possible choose 100% recycled cotton strings.

There are 3 main type of MACRAME STRING:
> 3-ply- is perfect for beginners and it's very versatile.
> braided- is perfect for beginners and it doesn’t unravel.
> single twist- is very soft and I usually recommend it for macrame makers that have some experience or for smaller macrame projects like the feather here.

Next, you want to practice the basic macrame knots, you can start practicing your knots by downloading "The Macrame Knots Guide" here and then trying these popular free macrame tutorials here.

Most of all have fun and let your creativity guide you!

Finally, if you want to take your macrame skills to the next level, You can check my live UK workshops here or join my most popular online course for beginners ‘Become a confident macrame artist’ here.

from beginner to pro in just a few weeks!

From strings to macrame masterpieces. Discover what goes into the creative process of a macrame artist.

The Creative Process of a Macrame Artist


One of my favourite projects!  This has certainly been enjoyable even though it’s also been the most time-consuming.

Macrame Playhouse the BTS

The complete guide on how to care for your macrame.
You have made or bought a gorgeous and elegant macrame, now, how do you care for and look after it?

How to Care for Your Macrame

3-day Macrame Challenge

Learn how to macrame with ease in just 3 days!

3 days of free video tutorials & guided step-by-step knotting that you can follow from the comfort of your home.


3-day Macrame Challenge

fREE access

register here

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