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One of the great things, when you start macrame, is that you don’t really need any tool or equipment.

However, as your love for macrame grows and you make macrame more frequently, there are 3 tools that will improve the way you work. I believe these are worth investing in and they are not that expensive either.

Corner of my studio

Adjustable clothes rail on casters

As soon as you start making medium to large wall hangings, having an adjustable clothes rail will make your life much easier. You rail becomes your working station.

Firstly you will be able to hang your macrame while you are making and adjust the height depending if you decide to work while standing or sitting on a chair/stool/floor. Knotting for longer than 30 minutes is a proper workout and your shoulders and back could start to ache. So it’s important that you look after your posture. (I also recommend regular stretching and take regular breaks).

Secondly, as you make larger macrame it might take longer than a day to finish it and it’s much easier to store your work, without damage it, by keeping it on the rail and move it somewhere that’s not in the way.

Thirdly, you can work on more than one piece at the time by hanging various macrame on your rail.

My rails are from IKEA, but you can find similar ones on online.

Myself teaching macrame workshop and the students use a rail to hang their work

‘S’ hooks

These are probably the first things you are going to buy. You need them to hang your macrame wall hanging or planters from your rail. Mine are not regular ‘S’ hooks, the size at the top is bigger than the bottom. I found these very useful because they can fit different sizes of wooden dowel.

I got mine from Amazon, and you can find similar one online.

‘S’ hook

Sharp scissors

You can use craft scissors when you prep your strings, but when you are cutting fringes and make items like feathers you need super sharp scissors to have a neat edge. That’s what makes the macrame final look outstanding.

In the past few years, I have used many different types of scissor and the best one so far is from Fiskars. I keep this pair of scissors only for cutting macrame fringes and I use the others for my prep.

Once you have these 3 essential macrame tools your macrame making will improve and become easier, quicker and better.

Happy Knotting

Isabella x

3 macrame tools that will instantly change the way you work