If you are a macrame artist like me I am sure you have lots of macrame pieces. I have been asked often: how do I store my macrame?

As you make more and more macrame for your small business you need to find ways to store them properly to keep them fresh and dust-free. You might keep them hanging on your rail for a few days to make sure they are finished but when it’s time to make the next piece, you need to store your pieces with care. Most of us start by storing them in a drawer or a shelf, but soon you might run out of space and want to store them more efficiently.

How to store macrame
How to store macrame

These are the 3 methods I use to store my macrame work

  1. Large cardboard or plastic boxes

This is a great way to keep all your pieces flat. You can place tissue paper between them to make it easy to lift them without touching them.

Plastic boxes are a better option if you are storing your pieces in the garage or loft and you don’t want insects to sneak in or you are worried about humidity and dampness.

Make sure your macramé items are completely dry before storing them because any residual moisture will cause the item to become smelly and promote mould growth.


2. Wrap in fabric sheet

For larger macrame pieces, I fold or roll them in canvas sheets or old bedsheets.

I open the canvas sheet on the floor, place the macrame on one end and then start rolling the macrame like a rug. Then I use some string to close the ends and the middle. You can store them upright in a corner of your studio, on a top shelf or under the bed if you have run out of space!


3. Vintage picnic baskets

I got my vintage picnic basket from the Facebook Marketplace for a few pounds. This is the perfect storage for small to medium size macrame. You can roll or fold them and place them inside. You can add some paper or fabric at the bottom for extra protection. The great thing about vintage picnic baskets or suitcases is that they look stylish in your studio or home and they are great props for social media posts and at markets.

I also recommend adding natural moss-repellent scent bags to protect your macrame pieces. I use Clothes Doctor ‘PROTECT ME’ NATURAL MOTH REPELLENT SCENT BAG scented with Lavender, Patchouli, Lemongrass, and Eucalyptus. Your macrame pieces will smell divine.


Tidy up your macrame after unboxing

When you unwrap your macrame pieces or take them out of the box after a long time you will need to tidy them up.

  • Hang your macrame for a few days and gravity will help straighten the strings.
  • If the fringe on your macramé piece is tangled or folded, brush the fringe with a pet brush with metal bristles or comb to neaten it up again.
  • For long fringes, simply run your fingers downwards through the fringe to tame the fringe and settle everything into place.
  • If necessary, you can iron or steam the fringe to straighten out any kinks. If using an iron, place a tea towel over the macramé fringe and iron the tea towel to protect the fibre from direct heat. Be sure to avoid any areas with glue as the heat may weaken the bond.
  • To keep the brushed fringe in place you can use Krylon spray adhesive or similar.

How to care for your macrame? Check out ‘The Complete Guide on how to look after your macrame’ HERE.

I hope you have found these tips useful. How do you store your macrame? Do you use a different method? Please let me know by emailing me hello@twome.co.uk

Happy Knotting

Isabella xxx


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How to store your macrame