Enjoy some of my go-to biz resources (and favourite things!) to help you in your creative journey. Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means I might earn a small commission if you love something as much as I do... but I only recommend what I actually like, try and trust myself! 

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The first tool every business need is Canva!
Access templated for social media, presentations, fliers and even to make your logo

If you are looking to sell online, Shopify is a simple and easy to set up platform trusted by so many businesses me included.

Get your Instagram feed looking consistent and gorgeous with this scheduling and planning app. It's free, but you can upgrade to get extra features that will help you with your Instagram strategy.

The best platform for your website that requires no coding! Simple and user-friendly you will be able to launch your own website and update it on your own with ease.

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TOOLS of the Trade 

Highly Recommended

Dropbox is where all my business images, files, documents, video, audio, PR, taxes and more live!!!
I love that I can easily share only what I want with my clients, team and external people with a simple link.


You can't have a successful business without a mailing list, it's more important than any social media!
After trying a few, Convetkit, in my opinion, is the best one to support your business from the start.

Simply the best site templates for a Showit website as well as social media, Canva and add-on. Your website is going to love the new look!

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Like a market this is where you can browse and get: fonts, logos (mine are from here), graphics, photos, templates and more!

Best SEO tips for your website for small businesses.
Her blog post are filled with very useful information easy to digest and implement.

Studio Cotton


I listen to this podcast when I need a boost of inspiration and a reminder that I can do it- running my own creative business!

Diary of a CEO

One of my top people to follow on Instagram. I found her posts always inspiring and I never miss her challenges.

Manifestation BFF

30-day Instagram Planner

Never run out of ideas on what to post or share on Instagram!

The ULTIMATE planner for busy MAKERS and artist that want to share their work and story authentically with their audience.

Instagram Planner


for makers

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    Tonic's line of completely customisable site templates for modern, stylish creatives are basically website templates for people who think they don't like website templates. They make beautiful design affordable, accessible to everyone — no code, no tears, no limits. And there's a fun twist: all of their site designs are inspired by cocktails! 

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