Are you curious to know how you can make money from your craft? In this guide, I am sharing 11 ways you can make money from your art.

I have turned my passion for macrame into a successful business and if you are thinking to take a similar path, my first advice is to choose and set up at least 3 income streams to help you ride the ebbs and flow of a creative business.

Next, get comfortable with the idea of talking about your work and selling, it doesn’t devalue you as an artist, but it is essential for you to create your dream life!

Finally, remember that as women we were born to create and share our magic!


A client or company asks you to create a one-off piece for them. This is the opportunity to create something unique and let your creativity shine!

Make sure you get a clear brief and get an upfront payment to cover at least the cost of the materials.

TIME TO IMPLEMENT: Depending on your craft it could be from quick to long 


Sell your products online on your own website and e-commerce platforms like Etsy. This is the easiest way to start making money from your craft.

You can start with a small collection and build on it.



Workshops are a great way to grow your business. They are also a fantastic way to build a community and if set up properly you will make a profit from every workshop and it’s very rewarding! More on craft workshops at the bottom of the blog.

You will need to be comfortable speaking and teaching in front of an audience.

TIME TO IMPLEMENT: Start promoting min 6-8 weeks in advance


Teaching in person is limited to the size of the venue, how many hours you have available and the number of people you are comfortable hosting. 

Teaching online opens up a whole new world. You can create courses or workshops that can be accessed by people from across the world at any given time. 

TIME TO IMPLEMENT: Quick to medium


Wholesale is an opportunity to see your art in curated online or brick-and-mortar shops. 

You won’t make as much money as the margins are smaller but they will buy medium to large quantities. 

TIME TO IMPLEMENT: Long 9-12 months


A holiday combined with exploring a craft is a fantastic combo! I run my very first macrame retreat in June 2023 and it was a dream come true! Bringing to life something I have been planning in my head way before the pandemic was magical! You can join the waiting list for the next macrame retreat here.

Retreats can be expensive to run and take a lot of time to organize and promote.  Done successfully they can be lucrative.

TIME TO IMPLEMENT: Long 9-12 months

If you like to explore all the 11 ways you can make money from your craft

you can download the full guide below.

Finally, If you need help implementing any of the income streams before I have some masterclasses that you can watch straightaway here:

Price your products:

Do you make a profit from every sale? If you are not sure or don’t, then it’s time for you to learn how to make a profit and treat your craft as a business. Access the masterclass here.

How to run & price craft workshops:

If you like the idea of teaching but don’t know where to start, this masterclass will give you the blueprint to follow to run successful craft workshops. Access the masterclass here

‘Build and nurture your mailing list’:

A 6-week course to set up the best tool for your business and turn followers into clients. Join the waiting list here.

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11 ways to make money from your craft

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