As you may know, my latest book, “Macrame Christmas: 24 festive projects using easy knots techniques” has been released in July, and I’m thrilled to share a sneak peek into the magic it holds.

Macrame Christmas isn’t just a collection of 24 macrame Christmas projects; it’s a journey into sustainable crafting, it’s about carving precious and needed mindful moments for yourself, and the joy of making something beautiful and long-lasting with your own hands. This macrame book is my personal invitation to embrace your creativity, adorn your space with uniquely crafted decorations, or make them as special and unique gifts for your loved ones and add a touch of eco-conscious festivity to your celebrations. I’ve put all my love and dedication for macrame into it; I’ve listened to my customers and my trusted community to put together something that I know will awaken the sparkling and festive feeling while making each piece.

In other words: Macrame Christmas represents my idea of the magic that macrame can create during the Christmas season! 

Now, let me introduce you to the top three Macrame Christmas projects that you can find within the pages of this magical macrame book, each uniquely designed by me in my garden studio in Hampshire, UK to make your holiday season even more wonderful.

These macrame Christmas projects have been made and loved by my audience since the release of my latest book, last month!

I will also reveal my personal favourite from the book at the of the blog post.

1. The Chunky Christmas Tree: 

A white macrame chunky Christmas tree by Isabella Strambio

Get ready to infuse your home with festive charm with this statement piece.

The Chunky Christmas Tree combines simplicity with elegance, making it a standout decoration. It works well as an alternative to the classic door wreath too.

The textured knots and rustic appeal will make you feel like you’ve brought a piece of the winter forest indoors. 

2. Winged Angel: 

A symbol of grace and joy, the Winged Angel macrame project is a heartfelt addition to your Christmas decor. 

Its intricate design captures the spirit of the season, and the process of creating it can be a mindful experience in itself. Let this enchanting creation remind you of the wonder and warmth of the holidays.

Don’t forget to brush the fringe to perfection for full effect.

3. Christmas Tree Bunting: 

Add a touch of whimsy to your festivities with the Christmas Tree Bunting. This playful project will brighten up any space, whether hung above the fireplace or along a wall, or perhaps in the kids’ room.

The bunting format allows you to experiment with colours and patterns, making it uniquely yours.

The Macrame Tree Bunting has been so popular that I am running a curated workshop in London where you can learn and make it with me in person! Find out more and book your spot HERE.

And a little bonus for you, my personal favourite, the macrame Christmas star. It’s a symbol of light and hope, and creating it can be a truly joyful experience. It’s a timeless Christmas decoration that can be displayed on a wall or window, add fairy lights for a twinkly finish.

I loved designing and making this piece and I truly can’t wait to hang it in my living room this year and for many more in the future.

A new family heirloom.

So, whether you’re an experienced macrame maker or just starting your creative journey, my “Macrame Christmas” book offers projects that cater to every skill level. Each one is accompanied by clear instructions, step-by-step pictures, and estimated crafting times. 

And here’s the exciting part: all the magic is conjured through simple macrame knots that are explained at the beginning of the book.

This holiday season, let’s craft joy, and sustainability, and create new macrame memories. I can’t wait for you to embark on this creative adventure with “Macrame Christmas.”

Get your signed copy here.

Happy knotting!

xo Isabella.

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