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I can’t just sit still and watch, it’s just no me, so yesterday I made a macrame wreath with the peace sign. It’s my way to express what I feel with what I have. Macrame and flowers.

Macrame peace wreath


Macrame+flowers peace wreath

How many macrame plant hangers can you have? Never enough! If you are a plant lover, macrame hangers are great to add more plants to your interiors but also a great way to spread them around your rooms. If you are not good a keeping your plants alive, you can find some great fake indoor […]

Different ways to use a macrame planter


I have been asked many time how I store my macrame? As you make more and more macrame for your small business you need to find ways to store them properly to keep them fresh and dust-free. You might keep them hanging on your rail for a few days to make sure they are finished […]

How to store your macrame


How to store macrame

One of the great things, when you start macrame, is that you don’t really need any tool or equipment. However, as your love for macrame grows and you make macrame more frequently, there are 3 tools that will improve the way you work. I believe these are worth investing in and they are not that […]

3 macrame tools that will instantly change the way you work


Macrame studio

This year I wanted to share a macrame heart wall hanging tutorial, not just for Valentines but for any occasion. Here in the UK, we are in lockdown #3 and I feel it’s so important to share little gifts with people we care to show them how much we love them, even though we can’t […]

Macrame heart wallhanging


Not long till Christmas and I thought to share this video tutorial on how to make macrame snowflakes with you. This has been a very popular macrame tutorial. Last year I had the pleasure to run many winter live workshop and teach how to make different types of snowflakes with many people. This year, due […]

Macrame Snowflake video tutorial


During the COVID-19 lockdown I had the pleasure of collaborating with some great brands and companies to offer free macrame tutorials to help people during those incredibly long & difficult days. I thought to put them all together here for you to refer back to and enjoy in the months to come. Real Ta-daan Craft […]

Macrame Free Tutorials During Lockdown


Hello macrame lover! If you don’t know me I am a macrame artist and educator. My macrame journey started in May 2016 when I opened my blog TwoMe following my challenge to learn 12 crafts in 12 months. My first craft was macrame, and I got hooked from knot one! Did macrame have the same […]

How Can I Help You On Your Macrame Journey?


I have been meaning to write this blog post for a while, but the world has gone crazy the past few weeks AKA COVID-19 lockdown. Finally, I am finding some time to share with you the journey of my very first book ‘Macrame for the modern home’. Let’s start from the beginning, Feb 2019. I […]

‘Macrame For the Modern Home’- The Journey Behind The Book


The bohemian fringe! They look so beautiful and smooth, but how do you get the perfect macrame fringe? At some point, we all have ended up with a fringe too short trying to make it look right. It’s not easy. Fringe envy is real! There are a few tricks to help you achieve the perfect […]

How to Cut the Perfect Macrame Fringe