This is a Christmas guide for the creative souls that love macrame or want to learn macrame and discover this ancient craft.

Christmas is an opportunity to share the gift of creativity or to ask for it from family and friends ;). Christmas is also a great time of the year to start a new craft with time off from work and the winter days ahead.

Creating macrame Christmas decorations can be a delightful way to infuse your home with a touch of handmade charm during the holiday season and the winter months.

While you might be busy making, organizing presents, and thinking about decorations, I’ve created a Christmas macrame guide to get you started on making some beautiful macrame Christmas ornaments and homeware. Is never too late to get crafty and make some cute macrame pieces this Christmas!

If you’re searching for inspiration and patterns for your macrame Christmas decorations, there are several resources you can turn to. Here are a few popular options:

Pinterest: Use the search term “Macrame Christmas Ornaments or Projects” to find a variety of inspiration and patterns. You can also check out my Pinterest account HERE for my favourite Macrame Christmas ornaments and decor.

Crafting Blogs and Websites: Plenty of blogs and websites specialize in macrame crafts, including my blog HERE where I share tips and free tutorials.

Remember, the beauty of macrame is in its versatility, so feel free to experiment and let your creativity flow while making these macrame Christmas decorations and macrame decorations.

Books: I have written 3 macrame books that are aimed at beginners to more advanced macrame lovers. Each book has a legend that shows you the skill level, the making time, the material list and step-by-step instructions with pictures to help you start and finish the project successfully.

Macrame Christmas (£12.99)- 24 macrame Christmas Projects to make to decorate your home and gifts. An eco-friendly gift for eco-friendly Christmas decorations to use over the years.

Macrame Jewellery (£9.99)- 20 stylish macrame jewellery from statement macrame necklaces to bracelets, belts, and headbands, make perfect handmade gifts. Be creative by using your favourite coloured strings.

Macrame for the modern home (£12.99)- stunning macrame home decor projects perfect to make for your home or to gift to anyone who loves boho home decor. This book includes a section on how to naturally dye your strings.

FACE- to- FACE Christmas workshops are a great opportunity to macrame together and get to know each other. I love meeting people in real life and getting to know my community.

All the live 2023 Christmas workshops in the UK (from £28) are listed on my website page HERE

INTERNATIONAL LEARNING online macrame course for all the macrame lovers around the world. No matter which level you are on, my macrame online courses (from £37) cover

Check the results from the students in this guide HERE.

LEARN THOUGHT THE YEAR with Your Macrame community. Gift yourself or a loved one a 3, 6, or 12-month membership and access 100+ macrame projects for you to make at your own pace and be part of a vibrant community of macrame enthusiasts all over the world. Join Your Macrame Community from £69

THE MACRAME RETRET five days macrame retreat offers you a nurturing space to reconnect with macrame & your creative spirit while embracing the tranquillity of nature as your backdrop.

After the success of last year’s macrame retreat, we will gather in the rural Spanish countryside in 2024. 



1-5th of May 204 book your spot here (£200 deposit)

showing macrame enthusiasts on a macrame retreat in UK

TWO_ME GIFT VOUCHER (Starts from £20) – This is the perfect present for macrame and craft lovers!

Sometimes we run out of ideas or life gets in the way and we simply don’t have time to buy a present for someone we love, so you can gift your dear ones with the flexibility to get what they want!
You can choose from four different amounts which can be redeemed within 6 months from the date of purchase and can be redeemed for any of TwoMe’s online courses and live workshops.

Sample of a gift voucher
a variety of macrame cords

UK: Threadshop, Bilibag made in the UK, Bobbiny_uk & Hobby Craft.

Europe: Macrame Spaghetti in Italy, Createaholic in Sweden & Drawingknots in Spain.

Australia: MaryMakerStudio

USA: Ganxxet

Beautiful hand-painted string by @TheTreadshop from £4

Practice Basic Knots: Before starting your project, practice basic macrame knots to get comfortable with the techniques, you can use my book where you find step-by-step instructions for all the macrame knots, or check out the video tutorials I did for Hobby Craft HERE.

Experiment with Colors: Consider using different coloured strings to add variety to your ornaments, gold and silver are always popular.

Personalize: Add personal touches like initials, bells, fairy lights, or names for a customized feel.

Assorted jingle bells @HobbyCraft from £2

2023 macrame Christmas guide for creative pin

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