Since 2016 when I began my creative journey and turned my macrame passion into a full-time business, I found that it’s essential, for my creative business that wants to thrive, to be part of a supportive creative community.

In my work, I not only celebrate the ancient craft of macramé but also cultivate a supportive creative community both online and in person. 

So let’s take a look at the countless advantages supportive creative communities can have for your creative business.

7 reasons to nurture a supportive creative community around your business and creative outlet.

Being part of a community of like-minded individuals who share the same passion for creativity can be incredibly beneficial for artists of all levels.

Not only does it provide a supportive network where individuals can receive constructive feedback, but it also fosters a sense of belonging and purpose.

Being a part of a creative community can help you overcome creative blocks, inspire you to experiment with new techniques, and encourage you to keep pushing yourself to improve.

I understand the importance of community in fostering creativity.

My creative macrame community is made up of individuals who are passionate not only about the ancient craft of macramé but also have a shared desire to learn and grow together.

Through online workshops, social media conversations, and fun challenges, I connect macrame artists from all over the world and provide a space where they can share their work, ask for advice, and receive support.

I also nourish a creative community in my area, Hampshire in the UK where I host regular networking meetups with other amazing creative women with wonderful businesses. And just recently, I opened the doors to a new online membership community, The Hello Creatives Club , the perfect space if you’re looking to grow your creative business without the overwhelm.

I believe that by being a part of my community, you can tap into a wealth of knowledge and creativity that can help you take your artistic skills to the next level. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced creative, I invite you to join me on a journey of exploration, discovery and shared artistry. Together, we can knot a design of inspiration that celebrates not only the beauty of macramé but most of all the power of community.

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Your macrame community membership by Isabella Strambio

Creativity is a movement that brings people together. In my macrame community and creative meet-ups everyone is welcome, your imagination is free to roam and your unique creativity is nurtured and celebrated. 

Central to the essence of a creative community is the sense of belonging and shared endeavour. Whether you’re a seasoned macramé artisan or a newcomer tentatively tying your first knots, there’s a network ready to share experiences, offer guidance, and applaud your artistic endeavours.

It’s not about creating the perfect artwork, it’s about a journey to explore creativity, and a new craft and express your feelings and emotions via your art.

Together, we elevate each other, fostering an environment where every knot and every string contributes to the strength of the entire piece. Knot by knot, we lift each other higher and break the cage that art and craft are an indulgence.

supportive creative communities at the Winchester creative meet up

Within a creative community, inspiration is not a solitary pursuit but a collective journey, especially for women working alone from home and often with a young family.

Creative communities are an oasis.

Engage in vibrant discussions, share your ongoing projects, and witness the incredible diversity of creative expressions. The rich tapestry of ideas that unfolds serves as a boundless source of inspiration, sparking fresh perspectives and innovative approaches to your creative expression.

BUT also an opportunity to learn from others and collaborate on projects together.

You don’t need to do everything alone!

I truly believe that beauty is found not only in the final product you create. Inspiration doesn’t have to be a solitary pursuit, it can be a collective journey for all to enjoy.  I highly recommend to join a group of creatives, whether online or in your area, to share your latest creations and creative journye, swap tips and tricks, and be inspired by the endless stream of creativity.

Together, we can weave a beautiful tapestry of ideas that will motivate us all to create something wonderful and feel supported.

wall art at Maven Winchester during one of the supportive creative communities meet up

Joining a creative community transcends the individual pursuit of mastery; it becomes a collective journey of continuous learning and growth.

Personal growth and personal growth.

From seasoned experts sharing advanced techniques to beginners seeking foundational skills, everyone contributes their unique knowledge. Engage in skill-sharing sessions, participate in tutorials, and join workshops that enrich your artistic toolkit through shared expertise.

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Creative women networking at Open House Deli Winchetser
supportive creative communities

The creative journey is often punctuated by peaks of inspiration and valleys of doubt.

In moments of creative block or uncertainty, a creative community serves as a wellspring of motivation. Share your challenges, celebrate your victories, and experience the uplifting power of collective encouragement.

Surround yourself by creatives. Dot your calendar with meet-ups or 1-1 catch ups with creative women to ensure that your have a supportive creative community around you when you hit a creative block.

The shared passion for a creative small business will becomes a beacon, reigniting the spark of creativity when it flickers.

Creative women networking at the Winchester Creative meetup at the Open Deli
supportive creative communities

Being part of a creative community opens doors to exclusive opportunities that extend beyond the ordinary and your skill set. Collaborations may sprout, and you might get special discounts on courses and materials, or learn new skills. These exclusive offerings are the threads that weave a unique tapestry of benefits, enriching your creative journey.

Isabella Strambio with Kate Whitely at Maven Winchester Creative Meet up
supportive creative communities

Beyond the shared love for creativity, a community is a space for forging genuine connections. Friendships blossom, connecting individuals who share not only your passion but also a zest for creativity. Attend virtual and live meet-ups, engage in collaborative projects, and discover the joy of connecting beyond your craft, and forming lasting relationships.

At the heart of lies a thriving macramé community which I meticulously curate. This digital community is not just a space for sharing macramé techniques; it’s a flourishing ecosystem where creativity intertwines with a supportive network, inspiration, skill enhancement, motivation, exclusive opportunities, and the forging of lasting friendships.

Ready to knot your story into an amazing creative community?

This is an invitation to join Isabella’s Macramé Community today and become a vibrant thread in our tapestry of creativity. Experience the joy of sharing, learning, and growing with fellow macramé enthusiasts. Your artistic journey is about to become a rich, interconnected masterpiece.

Winchester Creative Meet up
supportive creative communities

Do you live in the Hampshire area in the UK?

I would love to invite you to one of the creative meetups networking events.

Join us!

Sign up, engage, and let’s create together!

7 ways creative businesses thrive in supportive communities

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7 Ways Creative Businesses Thrive in Supportive Communities

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