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The ultimate online course for macrame makers that want to shine!

The Macrame Bootcamp    II

Join my popular online course and advance your creative skills to the next level 

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Grow your confidence, be seen as a knowledgeble maker & join a supportive group to share your passion with 

Get the satisfaction of making unique and compelling projects that lead to sales & more work

Form inspiring ideas for future macrame projects and commissions

Discover new techniques, tricks and tips to step up your macrame knowledge

But imagine if you could...

The Macrame Bootcamp is simply the ULTIMATE online course for macrame makers with a PASSION for this craft that wants to grow as artists.

As a macrame artist myself, I know being a maker can be lonely sometimes. It can be hard to find helpful support, inspirations & access to advanced macrame projects that help you develop your skills to the next level & keeping the creativity energy flowing.

Do you dream to make & sell show stopping macrame?

Do you want to push your macrame skills to the next level?

Do you feel now is the time to share your macrame ability with the world?



" The 4 beautiful advanced projects are so well explained that make the knotting easier as you go, and they literally take your macrame skills to the next level.
I felt so proud after finishing them and even got two custom orders for the macrame rucksack.
I had the chance to let my creativity flow and to be supported and helped from an amazing group of creative souls.
Isabella is a teacher always there to guide, help and encourage you, and your questions are always answered. 

As soon as I started I was totally hooked



"I enrolled in the macrame boot camp 2 since I was ready to learn more about macrame and how to incorporate it into various home decor items.
My personal favourite projects were the rug and the curtain!
I learned a lot, knotted a lot and definitely took my skills and creativity to the next level!
I definitely recommend this course to those who find themselves looking for a challenge and eager to learn more in their macrame journey!"

I was so excited to learn that this course was exactly what I was looking for!



She takes you right out your comfort zone but encourages you to add your own elements back in too. Bootcamp 2’s big projects were my favourite. I love learning new knots and techniques and thoroughly enjoyed making the rug!

I just love Isabella's bootcamp!

the Macrame bootcamp II

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From working with hundreds of students from my signature programs: 'Become a confident macrame artist', 'Bootcamp 1' and 'Your macrame community' it has become clear that macrame makers need the support of a community to keep them motivated, creative, inspired but most of all to grow as artists.
I am exactly the same! I surround myself with creative women that keep inspiring me in my art and business.

You + 4 Advanced Macrame Projects 

Push your creativity to the next level

Make outstanding & sellable macrame projects

Get inspired, motivated & grow your confidence

Advance your technique

After joining The Macrame Bootcamp II they have confidence not only in their macrame skills but also their own work

They are proud of the pieces they have made, they are confident to sell them as they learn to value their abilities and time

They are excited and confident to push their creativity to the next level

Confidence is something that most maker lack when they join

You don't know how to make the basic macrame knots (Lark's head, 1/2 square, square, Double Half Hitch, Raspberry)

you don't want to advance your skills

you don't want to invest time learning

You have only just started macrame

It's NOT for you if:

You know how to make the basic macrame knots (Lark's head, 1/2 square, square, Double Half Hitch, Raspberry)

You have made at least a medium to large macrame wall hanging

You have been making macrame for a while

You are obsessed with macrame

This program IS for you if:

Showcase your new skills & projects to your followers & customers
Get new commission or sell the projects you have made- an make your money back
Inspiring ideas for future macrame projects

Confidence boost

12 months access to the course
private FB group with my & my team support
 email support 


Private Facebook group
Fun, supportive & motivated group of macrame makers


4 step-by-step video tutorials on how to make 4 advanced macrame projects
Alternative ways to customise each macrame project to your style

Outstanding projects

What You'll Learn

A Breakdown of The Program

This is the most popular project, the most challenging, the most beautiful and fun to make.
Perfect projects to show case your skills to future customers
Get social media exposure with a show stopper.

Round Rug

Project One

Perfect for weddings and boho photoshoots.
Fantastic for outdoor and indoor spaces.
Loved by kids & adults.
Perfect boho prop.


Project Two

Gorgeous and practical is very popular in the Spring/Summer season.
Showcase your skills with a less-consuming project
Get your business card ready as you will have people on the street asking where you bought it.


Project Three


Beautiful boho home decor/
This beautiful macrame can be easily adapted into a macrame backdrop.
Flexible design to accommodate different type of windows & styles.


Project Four


...the videos are super clear and easy to follow, the weekly video calls allowed me to take inspiration and customise the projects


...With the structure of the course and Isabella’s infectious excitement and passion I started to believe in myself. 


...The course has really helped build my skills and confidence further and has given me a focus that I really needed during this time

Words from the students

I'm Isabella a macrame artist & educator with a passion for anything handmade and designed.

I'm passionate about helping people find time to be creative with their lifestyle and fell in love with macrame.

I run workshops and online courses for all the people that want to learn this craft in-depth and from the comfort of their homes.

I've been featured on the Sunday Telegraph, I've taken part in Kirstie HandMade Christmas 2018 and I often write macrame tutorials and share tips for magazines like Mollie Makes, in The Moment, GoodHomes, Psychology magazine and Hobby Craft blog and many others.  I was one of the finalists for the Etsy Design Award 2019.

My first book 'Macrame for the modern home' come out in 2020 and my second book Macrame Jewellery come out in December 2022.

Hi friends, 

isabellA strAmbio

My mission is empower women through macrame.


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Samantha- Australia

...Isabella encourages embellishment and variation of her patterns. She is full of ideas and suggestions of how patterns can be changed so that the student can make the project her own. 


very pleased with how the macrame rucksack turned out, thanks again isabella for a great project 

Carli- Australia

 I wanted to do a few larger projects using some knots I don't use regularly and this would help me come out of my comfort zone. I feel really good that I have completed the coursework and it's shown me there's a lot more I can now incorporate and not to be afraid to take on the bigger projects.

Words from the students



...I signed up for the Bootcamp class A great challenge and learning experience

A neighbor stopped by and saw it and asked if I would sell it. well I hesitated for a moment and then thought oh well, sure.

 To my delight I shot her a price and she never batted an eye.

After enrolling, you have access to the course for 12 months. 

How long do I have access to the course?

If you are not sure if this course is right for you, just email me at with any concerns and I'll give you an honest answer if  The Macrame Bootcamp 2 is suitable for you.

How do I know if my level of macrame knowledge is suitable for the course?

The course is a self-paced course and you can access the module as soon as you sign up

When does the course start?

don't worry, we have the answers!

You Might have Some questions

Yes, we have a private FB group where me and my team will look after all the students and you can also contact me via email.

if i get stuck, can i contact you?

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