Best online course platform- My Personal Experience on Switching Platforms for Hosting My Online Courses

I launched my first online Macrame course in 2018 with ‘Become a Confident Macrame Artist’ still my signature course. Since then I have launched many courses, programs, memberships, and masterclasses and just recently I’ve made the decision to make a full transition and switch my online hosting platform from Teachable to Thrivecart.

As an online course creator, you understand the importance of choosing the right platform to host your courses. Not only does this decision impact the user experience for your students, but it also affects your bottom line. One platform that has been gaining traction in recent years is Thrivecart, often pitted against the more established Teachable.

In this blog post, I’ll share my experience of moving my online courses from Teachable to Thrivecart, highlighting the reasons why I made the switch and how it has benefited my online course business.

If you’re thinking of making the switch from Teachable to Thrivecart I hope my experience will serve as inspiration.

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The Allure of Teachable

When I started creating online macrame courses there were not many platforms available to host the kind of online courses I wanted to create. After shopping around, I found Teachable to be the most user-friendly at the time and that’s where I started my journey.

For many years, Teachable has been a popular choice among course creators. It’s user-friendly, offers customizable course designs, and it’s simple to use. However, its pricing structure, particularly for those with multiple courses or a large student base, can be quite a financial burden.

Teachable, charge monthly fees, transaction fees, and even additional charges for essential features, like graded quizzes and advanced reports.

The Thrivecart Solution

In 2020 I discovered Thrivecart, thanks to one of my business coaches, a shopping cart platform that isn’t designed exclusively for course hosting but has gained popularity as an alternative to Teachable. What sets Thrivecart is its one-time payment pricing model. There are no monthly fees or transaction charges, making it a compelling option for course creators looking to cut costs.

Here are some of the reasons why I decided to move my macrame courses from Teachable to Thrivecart:

  1. Cost-Efficiency: The most compelling reason for switching to Thrivecart was the significant cost savings. With Teachable, I was paying monthly fees, transaction fees, and additional charges for features I needed. In contrast, Thrivecart’s one-time fee provided me with a cost-effective solution. At the time of joining Thrivecart, I paid one fee of around $500 compared to a fee of $99 a month with Teachable!
  2. Complete Ownership: Thrivecart (compared to Teachable) allowed me to have complete control over my courses. While Teachable is a hosted solution, which means I had limited control over the design and customization of my courses, Thrivecart lets me host my content on my terms. I can design my course pages exactly as I want and integrate them seamlessly into my website.
  3. Integrated Marketing and Sales Tools: Thrivecart isn’t just a course hosting platform; it’s a comprehensive sales and marketing tool. It supports one-click upsells, downsells, and A/B testing, allowing me to maximize my sales funnel without the need for additional software or subscriptions.
  4. Easy Integration: Thrivecart integrates smoothly with various email marketing, I use Convertkit after migrating from Mailchimp in 2019, and payment processors, giving me the flexibility to choose the tools I’m comfortable with. This seamless integration streamlines the course creation and marketing process.
  5. No Transaction Fees: Teachable charges transaction fees on top of its monthly subscription, which can add up significantly, especially for high-earning course creators. Thrivecart, on the other hand, has no transaction fees, ensuring that I keep more of my monthly earnings.

The Migration Process

Migrating my courses from Teachable to Thrivecart was surprisingly straightforward but I would say that it’s time-consuming, if like me you have many online courses with many modules and lessons. That’s why if you are contemplating the switch from Teachable to Thrivecart, I would recommend that you migrate earlier rather than later!

Thrivecart provides detailed tutorials and documentation to assist with the process. I exported my course content and student data from Teachable and imported it into Thrivecart. The design and customization of my course pages were a breeze thanks to Thrivecart’s user-friendly interface.

Discover more about Thrivecart here.

My final thoughts on making the switch from Teachable to Thrivecart

In conclusion, my switch from Teachable to Thrivecart has been a game-changer for my online course business. The cost savings, complete ownership, and integrated marketing tools have made Thrivecart the ideal platform for hosting my courses.

If you’re considering switching platforms or looking for a cost-effective alternative to Teachable, Thrivecart is worth exploring- check Thrivecart here.

Remember that the choice of a course hosting platform should align with your specific needs and goals.

While my experience with my online macrame courses has been positive with Thrivecart, I encourage you to do your research and assess whether it suits your business model.

Ultimately, the right platform will empower you to create, market, and sell your online courses successfully.

All the best of luck with your online course and I am looking forward to hearing about your experience with Thrivecart.

NOTE: The links in this blog are affiliate links, which means I might earn a small commission if you love Thrivecart as much as I do…but I only recommend what I use and like myself!


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