This year I wanted to share a macrame heart wall hanging tutorial, not just for Valentines but for any occasion. Here in the UK, we are in lockdown #3 and I feel it’s so important to share little gifts with people we care to show them how much we love them, even though we can’t see them and hug them. I believe handmade macrame tokens using some leftover strings are the best way to share some love, what do you think?

This macrame heart pattern is easy to follow and I have even made a ‘reel’ (quick video) of the process on my Instagram here.

Macrame heart in different size and colours


  • any yarn* (Grey 6x 80cm; Pink 6 x 90cm; White 10x 100cm)
  • Wooden stick or dowel
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape

Tutorial (pink version)

  • Tie your strings on the wooden dowel using the Lark’s Head Knot (you can find the tutorial for all the knot here).
  • Take string #3, use as a guide to tying 2 Double Half Hitch Knots going from right to left.
  • Take string #4, use as a guide to tying 2 Double Half Hitch Knots going from left to right.
  • Repeat with the remaining strings.
  • Weave the strings (except the first one and the last one) like in the video here.
  • Then close your heart using my making two diagonal lines of Double Half Hitched knots.
  • Cut the fringe at the desired length

*I used t-shirt yarn for the pink wall hanging; single twist macrame string in 3mm for the grey and single twist macrame string in 4mm for the white.

White macrame heart wall hanging

Make as many as you want, kids over 8yrs will love making them too and spread the love! I have wrapped mine with a handwritten note.

I hope you have enjoyed this free macrame tutorial and don’t forget to share your macrame hearts with me on Instagram here or on Facebook here. Looking forward to seeing your macrame heart wall hangings from around the world.

Keep safe & happy knotting.

Isabella x

Free Macrame Heart Tutorial
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Macrame heart wallhanging