I have been making macrame since 2016, I fell in love with this craft from the very first knot! 

I was so addicted to macrame and the benefit of this craft that I felt a calling to share it with others. It started with a few friends and colleagues and then in October 2016 I run my very first paid macrame workshop in Dubai, it was a success and from that day I worked to turn my passion into my business.

Macrame helped me find my own creative voice, my tribe and my community, and my personal growth and healing. Thanks to macrame I am getting clearer every year on how I can help others on their journey too.

I was one of the first people to teach macrame in the UK and I have now taught hundreds of students from around the world the ‘magic’ of the art of knotting.

I believe macrame as a craft is growing and evolving and this is very exciting. Similar to traditional crafts like knitting or pottery the variety of styles is huge and you can definitely find your own way to express your creativity with macrame.

Here are the 5 reasons why you should learn macrame:

Macrame is easy to learn

To the untrained eye, macrame might look complicated and intricate. All those beautiful wallhangings with different textures, fabrics and cords can put someone that has never done anything crafty off. But let me tell you one truth about macrame. Macrame is in fact, a simple and fun craft suitable for anyone, women and man and even kids! 

You can make beautiful macrame pieces by learning just 3 to 4 of the basic macrame knots (get the macrame knot guide here) and create macrame plant holders, earrings, coasters and wreaths.

Yoga for the mind

I have learned many crafts in the past ten years and still learning but I am still convinced that Macrame is one of the most mindful crafts. The rhythm of knotting has the same effect on my mind as a class yoga does. 

I can really switch off and lose myself in the making process as it takes me into a space and time well known as flow; I forget about worries and responsibilities and totally focus on the piece thus saving time!  

Something else I love about macrame is the timing of the projects. You can make a beautiful macrame coaster in just one hour, you can make it while waiting for the kids in the car, while watching TV or listening to a podcast and at the end have something unique for your home or for a friend!  

By listening to my student’s stories I can assert that even 5-10 minutes a day of knotting can be beneficial to switch off from the business of everyday life and create something beautiful with our own hands.

Isabella Strambio making macrame in her studio
Making mindful macrame in my studio

Tap into your creativity

I believe everyone is creative and time after time I have seen people that believed to be ‘not crafty’ or ‘not creative’ surprise themselves! I have run many macrame teams building workshops over the years with a mix of women and men and I can say that both genders are equally prone to knotting and anyone can do it!

Expressing our creativity is part of our nature, we are born creative!

Creativity is about courage. The courage to listen to our natural desires which we all have, which come from the same stem, imagination, wonder and creativity! Macrame, cooking, photography… whatever it is we need to cultivate it in our lives, now more than ever. 

Making something with your hands and holding the final piece is very rewarding because as we marvel at what we managed to create, we are unconsciously showing that playful part of us that it matters, that it’s loved and nurtured, and we don’t do this enough. 

Sharing my macrame love with creative souls at Goodwood Revival Festival

Helps you to build confidence & grow

Over the years many of my students have sent me emails to thank me for introducing them to macrame and how it has helped their mental health, supported their personal healing, and depression, and even improved their relationship with their daughter or mother

In other cases, learning macrame helped my students gain more confidence at work and at home and many of them even took the leap to start creating their own side businesses.

I also have experience, especially with women who after having kids lost their voice and confidence, and with macrame they found not only an outlet to express their own creativity and nurture their desires again, but discovered a way to be financially independent again, building and growing their own creative business finding their own passion and thriving.

Teaching macrame knots at Goodwood Revival

Find your tribe

Meeting like-minded people that are obsessed with knotting!

Macrame has given me the opportunity to collaborate with some incredible makers and artists all over the world, to appear on TV, become an author, run my successful business and take my students with me. 

Everything that I learn I share it and teach to anyone that is ready to follow their dreams and turn their passion for macrame into a profitable business.

Macrame is the art of knotting. 

Think about it: each piece is made from string and cord tied by knots that intertwined to create a beautiful piece. 

Sometimes you make a mistake and you can decide whether to leave it as part of the design or correct it, sometimes you need to start all over again, frustration raise but you go along; other times you repeat the same knot for the whole design and others you have a mix of knots, cords, colours and textures! 

There’s life in each macrame design! Just like our lives: we meet people that stay with us for life, others accompany us for a part of our journey; we make mistakes that often are lessons that stay with us and make us grow; other times we want to correct our course and we linger in the decision, we get frustrated when things don’t go as we wished but we get to experience and live, the people we meet and places we travel to all form colourful experiences that make who we are, our lives! 

If you feel the calling to try macrame you can learn online with me or face to face. You never know you might fall in love with it as I did.

Check the FREE macrame pattern here

‘Become a Confident Macrame artist’ and ‘The Macrame Bootcamp 1’ here are my most popular self-paced macrame course for anyone interested in learning macrame in depth.

Macrame brings joy to the soul and creative mind

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Isabella holding two macrame wall hangings

5 Reasons To Learn Macrame

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