I have been doing macrame since 2016 and can you believe that in the past 3 months, I have discovered 2 new macrame tools that now I consider essential for macrame makers and weavers too?

We are always learning and it’s very important that we keep looking for ways to make our making process smoother and also helpful to create the most beautiful macrame art.

One of the hardest things as macrame makers is hiding or tacking in the ends of the strings. 

Since the nature of macrame string and cord is thick and bulky, it can be tricky, especially if you make your knots tight to pass through the back of your piece. Moreover, we have to be very careful not to pull any thread with the risk to ruin all the hard work.

The single-twist cord or bamboo string, especially, is very delicate and you can easily pull a single thread and ruin all your hard work.

Until recently I used a few tools to help me with this task:

  1. crochet hook which works pretty well with braided string but not so well with single-twist cord
  2. masking tape on the end of a string to create a ‘needle’ effect. It has worked well but it can be frustrating and useless when the knot is very tight or too big and the tape just won’t work
  3. forceps can work too, but again depending on the tension of your knots, the pattern you are making or the type of macrame string you are using, it can be fiddly, takes time or it’s just not the right tool for it

Imagine how happy I was to discover two new tools used for different crafts that have worked wonderfully for macrame!

I am so pleased to share them with you because you need them in your life if you are a serious macrame maker! I am sure you can see why!

Secret Macrame Tools


This tool was made to thread beads and it works incredibly well for macrame makers and weavers.

The needle is made from metal wire and it’s small and flexible and can go through any gaps and holes and it’s strong enough to pull any thread!

I discovered this tool via one of my students in Australia and I found mine on Amazon here

I wish they did it with a wooden handle, but at the moment it’s only in red and plastic handles from this brand.

I have seen ‘Hair Extension Loop Needle Threader Tool’ that looks similar, but I am not sure it would work as well for macrame strings and if it’s sturdy enough.

The EZ-beader for now has been fantastic with all types of macrame fibres.

The Ez-Beader is the secret macrame tool no.1

Paracord stitching needle

I was looking for a knot tutorial on YouTube and I saw someone using this tool, I was amazed that I have never heard of it before! Google helped me find what it was called!

It’s a must-have, it would have saved me soooo much time in the past! Anyway, better now than never!

It’s a pack of metal needles that comes in different sizes with a hole to accommodate different string thicknesses. The paracord is stiffer and would simply sit inside the hole in the needle.

With macrame string or cord, in my opinion, the best way is to you wrap a piece of masking tape around the end of your string and then insert it inside the needle hole. This will create friction and you will have no problems using the needle to go through any loops, gaps or knots.

Since the needle comes in different sizes and they are pointy and smooth, it’s very easy to use without damaging your macrame cords and work.

Once again Amazon is where I found mine here

The paracord needle is the secret macrame tool no.2

I have a reel on my Instagram here that shows how these tools work.

I would love to know your feedback on these secret macrame tools. Which one is your favourite? Which one is a must-have in your opinion and works wonders?

If you are looking for more macrame hacks, tips and tricks, I have a ‘Macrame Hack Guide” on my Instagram account here. From how to make perfect tassels, to how to add wooden beads and much more.

I have also written a blog post on 13 ways to improve your macrame skills, no matter at which stage of your macrame journey you are here.

Happy Knotting


ps. I get a small commission if you buy something from the affiliate links. As always, anything I recommend is something I truly like, tried and think you might like too.

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Secret tools of a macrame artist