Macrame play house made from natural cotton styled with cushions and toys
Macrame Playhouse by Isabella Strambio for Hobby Craft- free tutorial in BLOG

You all found me via different social media and sometimes I forget to remind you of ALL the ways you can start and improve your Macramé skills with me.

I have been doing Macramé and running my own creative business for 6 years and throughout these years I have shared so much content and created courses I wish were available when I started, but there were none, so I created them myself!

As I and my business evolve and grow, I keep offering more courses, masterclasses and free resources so you can grow and improve too. We are on this journey together, we are building an amazing and supportive community.

Below is the list of the 13 ways you can improve your Macramé from beginners(B), intermediate (I) to advanced (A) level.

Click on each one to get more info.

  1. Free tutorials on my blog (B,I,A) and here
  2. ‘Macramé for the modern home’ the book (B,I,A)
  3. Macramé plant hanger online workshop +KIT (B)
  4. Live workshops (B)
  5. One-off tutorial- mobile holder(B,I,A)
  6. Become a confident macramé artist self-study course (B)
  7. Your Macramé Community- the membership (B,I,A)
  8. The Macramé Bootcamp 1(I,A)
  9. How to design your own Macramé- the masterclass (B,I,A)
  10. How to estimate and measure strings – the masterclass(B,I,A)
  11. How to run & price Macramé workshops- the masterclass(B,I,A)
  12. How to price your products- the masterclass(B,I,A)
  13. The Bootcamp 2 (I,A)

Macrame vest made with grey string and wooden beads details.
One of May’s projects in ‘Your Macrame Community’ the membership here

If you have any questions or you are not sure which course or masterclass you should take, feel free to

email me at

As always my inbox is also open for suggestions and ideas, so feel free to email me and let’s chat Macramé.

Happy knotting

with love


13 ways to improve your macrame skills