Macrame wreath and table runner- Spring styling
Macrame wreath and table runner- Spring styling

I don’t know you, but I love to switch things around my house, I have a particular spot that I love to play with, the fireplace in the living room. Do you have a special corner?

I thought to share with you how you can use macrame in the various seasons to style different corners of your house.

In my previous life, pre-macrame, I was a successful Interior Designer, I worked in many countries around the world, including Australia, Dubai, Belgium, Italy & the UK.

Travelling and working abroad has helped me discover many materials, textures, patterns, colpours & designers.

I believe that’s why I fell in love with macrame, their roots from the middle east, booming in Genova, Italy, where I grew up, and now Modern Macrame with its sustainable strings, beautiful shades and gorgeous textures. The simplicity fo the knots and yet complex weaving of the ropes evoke calm, beauty and freedom.

Macrame is a mindful craft that anyone can do if you have a good teacher (I had to add that!;))

My fireplace is made from a ‘sandstone’, it’s a bit yellow but I like that it has signes of the smoke fromt eh fire and it’s not perfect!

I decided to hang a macrame wreath and place a macrame table runner on the ledge. Both projects are from my book ‘Macrame for the modern home’ by Search Press. (You can get a copy of it on my website- If you are outside the UK I recommend Amazon or a large craft shop like Spotlight or Craft Warehouse)

Sometimes I get flowers from local florist to brighten up the space and Spring is the best time to get uplifting & colourful bouquets. I also have a collection of vases, glass jars & carafs that I like to sue for my flowers. Something else that you can use with or instead of bought flowers is foraging in the garden. Forget me knots are everywhere at the moment and they last for a week in a vase. Daisy & buttercups are popular in my garden too.

After laying the macrame table runner, I play with heights and textures of the vases, place the flowers and then add a few bit to ‘fill’ the space. I found books are a great prop and can help with playing with heights too. Candles- who doesn’t like candles-, maybe crystals, small framed pictures or smaller objects that bring an extra layer of hominess.

Since the wreath is in the middle of the wall, above the ledge, I tent to keep all the flowers and objects one side and the other empty, instead of trying to make the space symmetrical. It look more natural, organic and flows better.

Details of Flowers and macrame wreath with flowers
Details of macrame wreath with flowers and props

As the weeks pass by, change the flowers and rearrange the objects to give it a fresh look and make the space feel new, cared for and inviting. Or perhaps swap the macrame wreath with a small macrame wall hanging.

Little touches of beauty around the house to delight the whole family.

Do you have any tips you would like to share? Do let me know by emailing me here.

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Macrame in Raffia styled for the Spring season
Macrame in Raffia styled for the Spring season

How to style macrame #Spring

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