Hello macrame lover!

If you don’t know me yet I am Isabella Strambio, a macrame artist, author of 4 books, and a speaker and educator.

My macrame journey started in May 2016 when I opened my blog TwoMe following my challenge to learn 12 crafts in 12 months. My first craft was macrame, and I got hooked from knot one!

Did macrame have the same effect on you? It’s highly addictive, right?

No matter at what point in your macrame journey you are, novice or advanced, I can help you improve your skills and grow your macrame business.

Isabella with her first two macrame wall hangings she made in 2016


Lovely to have you here and welcome to the Macramé community. It’s a lovely one, I promise.

The best way to start your macrame learning is to go to my FREE RESOURCES section of the website. In there you can find:

What do you need to start with macrame

Macrame Knots

Suppliers list

Free macrame tutorials

Once you have checked these resources and you decide that you want to learn macrame in-depth you can join the popular 4-week online course ‘Become a confident Macrame Artist’ here.


(you have done a couple of projects, perhaps including my free guide and tutorials)

You have done some macramé and you want to do more, much more. I know the feeling, I have been there. The good news is that I can help you in so many ways. This is the perfect place for you.

Do you want to join one of my live workshops? check all the dates for the live and online workshops here.

Are you looking for a specific project or pattern? You can find all my one-off patterns and online workshops here.

Are you looking to learn macramé more in-depth? You can join the popular 4-week online course ‘Become a confident Macrame Artist’ by joining here.

Do you want to learn 1-2-1 from me? Let’s chat, you can email me here.

Do you have my macrame book, yet? I have written 3 books so far! Find out which one is your favorite from MY SHOP HERE

INTERMEDIATE The Macrame Bootcamp I is waiting for you!

(you have done at least a couple of medium to large macrame pieces)

I am thrilled to tell you that I have the perfect online course for you! You can join another popular 4-week online course ‘The Macrame Bootcamp’ and advance your macrame skills to the next level. You can join the self-study course here.


Check your level with my two-minute detailed and fun Macrame Matchmaker quiz here.

Do you have any of my macrame book, yet?

Macrame for the modern home is my first book. Then I wrote Macrame Jewellery and Macrame Christmas all packed with beautiful and unique projects for beginners and advanced macrame makers alike.

Check out my shop and have fun choosing your favorite one!

My fourth book is coming out in early 2025! Keep your eyes peeled!


Thank you for stopping by and lovely to have you here.

I think I can help you elevate your macrame skills and business.

You can join another popular 4-week online course ‘The Macrame Bootcamp. II’ and advance your macrame skills to the next level. You can join the self-study online course here.

I ‘ve recently launched my new Hello Creative Club, the perfect online community space if you’re looking to grow your business without the overwhelm.


👉🏼 a Membership where we FOCUS on one topic a month

👉🏼each month we cover one aspect of your business

👉🏼growth with practical & implementable training

👉🏼a supportive community of women like you.

I want to help amazing creatives like you because it took me 2 years of tries and errors before my business started making money and I want the best for you. I am passionate about helping other macrame makers and creatives build those solid foundations as easily as possible. I did the hard work so you don’t have to, and I’d love to share all the shortcuts with you so you can grow your business faster.

Check The Hello Creatives Club here

Isabella Strambio with a macrame mandala
Isabella Strambio with a macrame mandala in her studio in Hampshire UK

I hope this simple guide was helpful and will answer your questions on which step to take on your macrame journey.

Do you still have some questions, just email me and I’ll get back to you asap.

Happy knotting


Isabella in Bristol UK setting up for one of her popular macrame workshops

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