Over the years I have written various free Macrame Christmas patterns and I thought to put them together here and create a mini Macrame Christmas Library which I update regularly. Is never too early to think about Christmas in the magic world of macrame!

You will find many of the macrame Christmas tutorials I have done for my website as well as for other blogs like Hobby Craft.

Macrame Christmas Stars

For instance, going back to memory lane, the tutorial for the Macrame Stars was my most popular tutorial in 2019, so much so that in a few weeks all the metal stars @Hobby Craft were completely sold out! Through the years this simple yet stylish Christmas stars’ tutorial gets lots of love from my readers, and magazines keep publishing it! You can find this fun tutorial HERE. I promise you will never get tired of it, these are timeless macrame Christmas stars that you’ll keep using over the years and can be adapted to other kinds of party decorations. They look super cute as part of your Christmas deco yet they can make a statement piece in a kid’s bedroom all year around!

The Macrame Christmas Wreath

is again one of my tutorials for Hobby Craft and you can get the free tutorial HERE. You can use fresh, dry, or faux greenery to make this Macrame Christmas wreath.

PRO Tip: again you must love the versatility of this piece as you can adapt it to any season by just changing the greenery! Imagine a series of macrame Christmas wreaths that hang from the ceiling right above your beautiful Christmas dinner table, beautiful isn’t?

Macrame Christmas Baubles

Another Christmas macrame project I love making is these Macrame Christmas Baubles, again for Hobby Craft. You can find the free tutorial HERE.

PRO Tip: The great thing about the macrame Christmas baubles is that you can paint the white baubles and create your personalized colour scheme to go with your Christmas tree. I love how macrame can be so flexible and even for Christmas the choices are endless and you can really put your creativity to work!

The Macrame Christmas Angels

Back in 2020, I made a video tutorial for a macrame Christmas angel HERE. This was a collaboration with the Winchester Night Shelter and I m proud to say that more than 70 angels were made from people across the UK and donated to the Winchester Night Shelter. For every angel sold a night at the shelter is paid for a homeless person.

[EDIT: Thank you to all the people that took part in making macrame angels in 2020- The Winchester Night Shelter raised over £2000]

In 2021, I made another macrame Christmas angel tutorial for Winchester Night Shelter that you can find here and once again thanks to my amazing macrame community we raised money for this charity.

Christmas Trees

I collaborated with Hobby Craft a few years ago on three beautiful Macrame Christmas Trees, two of which you can see in the picture below.

You can find all tree tutorials here

The large Christmas tree is still a very popular Macrame Christmas decoration. Have fun choosing and making your favorite!

Christmas Table Runner

I also wanted to add another super cute pattern, which is not for free, but it’s very cheap, just over £2, for a Macrame Christmas table runner and placemat for Hobby Craft here.

This is a more intermediate to advanced macrame level that I am sure some of you will enjoy it. Again this is such a beautiful pattern that you can reproduce it in a wall hanging, choices are endless!

I hope you will enjoy them and don’t forget to share photos of your creations with me on

IG @_twome and FB @twomeUK

Any questions, feel free to DM me!

Happy Christmas knotting!

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Best Free Macrame Christmas Patterns 2023

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