Isabella Strambio in her studio making macrame
Isabella in her studio creating

I got completely hooked up while reading a book called ‘Cured’ by Dr Jeff Rediger and something in there struck to the core. He describes our identity as a glass prism.

…small, compact, and translucent, seemingly simple. And yet, hold it up to the light, turn it slightly. It turns one colour, and then another. Pink, blue, yellow. There are so many different versions of you.

Make sense, right?  Maybe you are a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a creative maker, a coach, a colleague, a best friend, or a businesswoman. The reality is that when we are playing the mum role we are a different person than when we are an artist or a best friend and that’s ok, our core values still remain intact in each identity.

This doesn’t make us less ourselves nor less authentic- this is simply the beauty of what we are capable of as humans: to be one and many, to be continuously deeply engaged in different and unique relationships with others. Who we are in each moment depends on context, yet none of our identities can define who we really are. And who said we cannot be one and all? Who said we have to be only one thing for the rest of our lives? This made me reflect on how I show up in my business, with my clients and students, and with you. I realised that the journey in my business is also a never-ending creative self-discovery exploration, one that will probably last a lifetime though I’m most passionate about macrame and teaching, as I am continuously evolving so along with me is my business. Being authentic for me is working toward breaking the mindset that we have to stick to one role and never change keeping it for the rest of our lives. I don’t have to forever make, teach, or contribute to anything that is only macrame-lead. I can still love making and teaching macrame but I can also love and teach business classes, or creativity and still love being a nurturing mom or a wife, that doesn’t make me less passionate, less professional or less devoted to my family.  And so neither are you!

If I can focus my attention on whatever I am doing, really showing up in the most authentic, radiant and graceful version of me while doing it, using my talents to contribute in a genuine way taking aligned action toward my goals and still deliver premium valuable content to my students, making unique and amazing quality pieces for my clients, being present for my daughters, or being a loving wife,  why not? 

Isabella Strambio teaching macrame online
Isabella’s teaching macrame online

Sentence ourselves to stick to only one identity for the rest of our lives can generate a lot of unhappiness and unwanted pressure. If we get too attached to one identity whilst casting out or not accepting the others we might be creating unnecessary suffering for ourselves, at the same time we don’t need to reach a point of exhaustion demanding to be everything all the time at the same time!  

This is why in my self-discovery journeys I always advise my students to be kind and compassionate toward themselves and the process, as it can be overwhelming at times coming to terms with a newly found identity or just simply finding out that we can be much more than what we think and our creativity has no end.  

Now I don’t want you to think not to stick to your niche in your chosen business, nor that what you are doing isn’t good enough. It simply means to give yourself the opportunity to explore and love all of you, all of your facets even the ones you think are not so polished and shiny,  to respect, be kind and honour each one of them and be open to the possibility that there is still so much of you and for you out there that you are excited to discover and get to know better to serve your purpose and contribute with your amazing gifts. Honestly what we think of knowing about ourselves is really a fraction of what is still there to be revealed. 

This is what I know for sure if you are reading this: you are creative, you are amazing and you deserve the best.  The world needs to see your greatness and you will have much more fun if you let go of the expectations that you should or shouldn’t be one thing for everyone, so allow the light to surprise you and touch different parts of you, give yourself permission to be curious and you will see the beautiful colours that shine in each one of them that will awaken your creativity to an even deeper level. 

Details of Isabella Strambio's studio
Details from Isabella’s studio

You are a prism and as you evolve the light hits different parts of you. It’s still you as a whole, same soul, and is totally fine if sometimes you find yourself switching or dimming the light a notch of one part to let the other come fully alive with a vibrant light without restricting yourself from discovering, engaging and celebrating all of your other identities. 

Please know that the moment you have a new experience which you feel to the deepest core of your being you are able to evolve discovering a new layer of your light. Authenticity comes naturally in each of your identities without betraying yourself because remember by being faithful to your values -which also with time can change – you are authentic to each one of them! 

How many identities do you think you have discovered in yourself so far?  Would you be curious enough to allow yourself the embrace the possibility that you can meet more wherever you are in your journey?

It’s your time to step up!  Are you ready to turn the prism slightly and shine the light on a different part of you?

Weaving, creativity is a course about exploring and connecting with your creative self and letting her guide you to create for the pleasure of making, no expectations, and no pressure. Liberate yourself from any restrictions and beliefs and let your creativity be an extension of your arms.

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