I have gathered my best macrame colleague around the globe to ask them about their predictions on the macrame trend for 2023.

Martha Stewart article top 8 crafts to try in 2023 includes macrame, which made me so happy as I believe more and more people will be drawn to learning this craft.

When people ask me why I love macrame there are many reasons, but the main ones are:

Versatility– you can make anything using cords and knots. From macrame home decor to jewellery, to clothing.

Mindfulness– the rhythm of knotting, like breathwork, can bring mindfulness and relaxation after just a few minutes.

Creativity– you can express your creativity using any type of fibre and cords, you can combine macrame with other crafts, and designs vary from micro macrame to macro macrame and everything in between…..the possibilities is unlimited!

Macrame is not just plant holders

I personally believe that in 2023 we will see more people interested in making and buying macrame. Macrame as a lifestyle.

Macrame makers that are making this art regularly are getting more creative and curious about how to use the art of knotting as an expression of who they are.

I believe we will see more large wall hangings, from intricate to very modern and minimal patterns as well as macrame clothing like we have seen in Thor 2022 blockbuster made by the talented Denisse M Vera.

From Thor the film, ladies wearing a macrame dress in white
Macrame Dresses by Denisse M Vera

My last prediction is that we will see a trend rising of a mix of macrame with other crafts.

Jessica from Hobo Beautiful, based in Sri Lanka, latest collaboration with Louis London is a great example. Her bags made of macrame and hand-crafted metal frames are just stylish and luxe and yet playful.

She tells me “I think we will be seeing a lot more minimal designs – focusing on form and structure. Moving macrame into the 3D realm. Think new materials & bigger knots.”

Macrame clutch bag in back with brass metal frame
Macrame clutch by Hobo Beautiful

I personally looking forward to combining the art of knotting with new natural materials.

Mariela and Carolina Artigues, founders of Port Macramé Studio and authors of ‘One-Day Macramé’, are based in Spain, and shared with me their thoughts:

“This friendly art has come back some years ago to last longer! As with most artistic movements, macramé is constantly evolving and what we see is that most artists are looking for new materials to create outstanding pieces. So we can see how Macra-weaving has gained a lot of popularity among makers, maybe because it allows artists to play with textures and fibres. Statement original pieces will be a trend in this 2023 without any doubt!”

Macrame Wallhanging in natural fibre
Natural Wall Hanging by Port Macrame Studio

Clare from Hooked in Cotton, based in Wales UK, is a maker specialising in large wedding and interiors macrame pieces wrote in her own blog about 2023 craft trends:

“I think workshops and macramé communities will be on the increase – those looking for more advanced designs and teams working together to create bigger installations with intention.” She also believes “Craft date nights and crafty adventure retreats will see couples or friends knotting together in beautiful spaces!”

I totally agree with Clare, my first Macrame Retreat has been very popular and I can see that more and more women are ready to pause, reset and macrame.

Find out more about 2023 The Macrame Retreat here.

Macrame wall hanging for a restaurant made from natural cotton
Wall Hanging by Hooked in Cotton

Rachel from Cord+Quartz , US based, is a maker and macrame supplier, she shared with me her prediction for 2023

“I definitely think we will see more unique shapes in macrame. Makers will want to create their own styles and step outside of the norm. Including makers stepping into adding more fibre types into their works such as wool and fibre ribbons.”

Two semi mandala macrame wall hanging in white and teal cord
Semi Mandala macrame wall hanging by Cord+Quarts

Faustine, the founder of Seasons of Origine in the UK and known for her gorgeous macrame shells, shared with me that she believes Macraweaving is going to be a big trend this year.

“… and mixed media in general. Incorporating stones/crystals, dried flowers and other natural elements such as botanical dyes into macramé allows for greater design flexibility, and interesting textures and pushes the boundaries of originality in both decorative and functional macramé. Especially in the more typical creations such as wall hangings and plant hangers. I think (and hope) we will see a lot more risky projects and new exciting techniques in 2023.”

Macrame shells by Seasons of Origine

Rachel, founder of The Larks Head Shop is an artist and supplier based in the USA and she told me that she believes that in 2023

“We are going to see a rise in functional macrame. Macrame is a unique art in that it can be purely for aesthetics (like wall art) or serve a function in our everyday life (think hat holders, water bottle carriers, etc). I think this year we might see a rise in the latter. In terms of art, I’m predicting a rise in minimalistic and modern statement pieces.”

Macrame bag by Larks Head Knot

Share the Knot founder Christine, from Greece, told me in our Instagram chat

“I think that craft kits with macrame coasters, rainbows etc will be trending this year as well as everything that has to do with event decorations (wedding backdrops, favours, garlands etc) are almost always in high demand so I guess that this niche will be skyrocketing this year as well.”

Share the knot kits available on her website

I agree with Christine and macrame backdrops in many shapes and forms will be very popular in 2023 at weddings and events like festivals too. Some of my largest macrame wall hangings have been used as wedding backdrops like the one below. Feel free to email me to enquire about a commission backdrop for your special day.

Wedding Macrame Backdrop by Isabella Strambio

If you are looking to learn macrame in 2023 check my online courses or live workshops here.

If you are a macrame maker looking to advance your skills join the waiting list for The Macrame Bootcamp 2 here or my Group Program on how to turn a hobby into a profitable business here.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at hello@twome.co.uk

Happy Knotting


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Macrame Trend 2023 showing a macrame black clutch a macrame rug and a macrame wall hanging in natural fibre
Macrame Trend 2023 by Isabella Strambio

Macrame Trends in 2023