After the success of last year’s blog post, ‘Different ways to use a macrame plant hanger’ I have thought to share a similar post about Different ways to use a macrame table runner.

Macrame table runners take longer to make, for example, the one I did during Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas TV show in the UK took me about 3 hours to make live on set. However, it’s a piece of macrame we have been using every single year holiday to decorate and style our Christmas table. The beauty of a macrame table runner is that it can be used in so many stylish ways, let me show you!

In my book, Macrame for the modern home, you can find a pattern for a beautiful table runner. I will use this piece to showcase, all the different ways you can use it and how versatile it can be.

1. A macrame table runner is perfect to use indoors all year round but also outside for garden parties during the warmer months.

Macrame table runner for a summer party
Table runner from Macrame for the Modern Home- my first macrame book

2. I find that a macrame table runner is a great accessory to style a bedroom. For example on top of a bench to bring softness and cosy vibes. Another way I love using the macrame in this room is as a macrame bed runner at the foot of the bed, with white bedding to add a total natural vibe to the room or with coloured bedding like terracotta or burnt yellow to bring the dessert and summer vibes into the room.

Macrame table runner as a bench cover
Macrame bench cover from the book Macrame for the modern home

3. Chair or sofa cover

I wish I had a beautiful 60s armchair as I am sure it would look beautiful to add the macrame runner vertically on the front of it. However, I do often use it on my sofa on top of the pillows to dress it up when we have visitors and add an extra layer of boho vibes to a very modern and practical sofa. By placing a coloured pillow behind the macrame table runner, the string’s texture pops up and brings the macrame design alive.

Macrame table runner as a sofa decor
Macrame runner as a sofa decor

4. In one of my blog posts on How to style your home, with macrame, in Spring, I used the macrame table runner on top of my mantlepiece. In winter we have a live fire and I remove it, but in Spring, I like to change the look and bring the summer and boho vibes into my living room by adding the table runner to the fireplace. It looks beautiful with fresh-cut flowers from the garden.

You could also use it on top of a chest of drawers in the bedroom or a sideboard in the living room.

Macrame table runner to dress a mantle piece
Macrame table runner to dress the top of a mantle piece

Making or gifting a macrame table runner makes it a unique present and versatile macrame to have in your home.

Have you been using macrame table runners in a different way? Share any ideas with me, I would love to hear from you. Feel free to email

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Different ways to use a macrame table runner

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