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How many macrame plant hangers can you have? Never enough! If you are a plant lover, macrame hangers are great to add more plants to your interiors but also a great way to spread them around your rooms. If you are not good a keeping your plants alive, you can find some great fake indoor plants and still bring the boho look and feel to your home. Let me share how versatile a macrame plant hanger can be, around your home and you can purchase the pattern for a classic macrame plant hanger here .

1. In my book, Macrame for the modern home, you can find a pattern for a bigger version of a plant hanger that can become a beside table and become your statement piece in your bedroom by also being a very useful item.

2. You can use a plant hanger in a slightly different way by adding cut or dry flowers. All you need is a vase or a glass jam jar to add your preferred choice of flowers. What I love about this option is that you can keep changing the feel of your room, by simply changing the flowers on your macrame plant hanger. Have a designated spot for your planter and then change the flowers with the seasons or your mood.

3. Another use for a plant hanger is to use it in the kitchen. My macrame hanger holds stoking cubes and garlic, which I use regularly for my cooking. You can also use it to store kitchen utensils, herbs (dry or fresh), or fruits if you make a large one. Having a macrame hanger will free up space on your working surface, it’s perfect for smaller kitchens.

4. Another brilliant use for a plant hanger is to have it in the bathroom. My kids use it to keep their toothbrushes. We have no shelving in the bathroom and instead of overcrowding the basin, we decided to use a macrame hanger instead. You could also use it to keep your make-up, make-up brushes or hairbands.

5. In our house we use plant hangers in the garden too, with seeds for the birds or fruits for the butterflies. I recommend that you use jute to make your outdoor macrame hangers for a longer life span. There are even more ways to use a macrame plant hanger in summer, you can hang them around the garden with LED lights inside during those warm evenings or LED tea light candles.

6. A few years ago I published a free tutorial on how to turn a macrame hanger into a pumpkin holder for Halloween here. This is a fun project to do with the kids.

This is why the macrame plant hanger is the classic macrame piece every home should have. Have you been using macrame hangers in a different way than the usual plant? Share any ideas with me, I would love to hear from you. Feel free to email hello@twome.co.uk

If you are looking to learn how to improve your macrame skills, check the macrame page and all the opportunities to macrame with me.

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Different ways to use a macrame planter

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