In this guide, I’ll cover all the essential information you need to know about macrame plant hangers. From alternative items to put in the hangers besides plants, to choosing the best pots that fit securely and complement the macrame hanger’s weight limits, I’ve got you covered.

Most people discover or associate macrame with plant hangers and since macrame popularity has surged as well as the benefits of indoor plants, many of us here have made or bought plant hangers.

Over the years that I have been teaching macrame and taught how to make different macrame plant hangers, I have been asked many questions by my students about them. Some of the most popular questions about macrame plant hangers are the following:

>What to put in macrame hangers besides plants?

>What are the best pots to put in macrame hangers?

>How to hang macrame plant hangers without nails?

I thought to gather all the answers and a few extra information on this blog, a comprehensive guide for Macrame Plant Hangers, all you need to know.

Let’s start!

What to put in macrame hangers besides plants?

This is one of the most common questions and I love to share the versatility that macrame offers. There are so many uses for macrame plant hangers around the house that I have written a whole blog post HERE, it will give you many inspirations.

Macrame hanging bedside table from the book Macrame for the modern home
Macrame Hanging bedside table from the book Macrame for the modern home

The best pots

The best pot to put inside a macrame hanger is either pots with no holes or upcycle glass jars, for plants that don’t need to be removed from the pot frequently to avoid damaging it. Another great option is pot+tray for plants that can’t sit in water and avoid root rot.

You don’t want to take the plant out of the pot and plant hanger as it will get damaged over time.

Both options make plant watering easy, simply use a long spout watering can, this will also help if the plants are high up.

The best plants

The best plants for macrame plant hangers, in my experience, are Ivy, most ferns, the classic spider plants, Marble Queen, Tradescantia, swiss cheese plants or my favourite strings of hearts and pearls.

For wall-hanging planters cacti and air plants are also great and easy to maintain- perfect for people that keep forgetting to water plants.

Another stylish way to use a macrame plant hanger is to have a glass vase and season-cut flowers or dry flowers. This way, you won’t have to worry about watering.

If you don’t have a green finger, but you love plants, fake plants are great options. Will still bring the nature vibe to your home without the worry of keeping them alive. These days you can buy some beautiful realistic fake plants, I have a couple from IKEA. As mentioned above, dry flowers are a great option too.

The hardest question to answer is probably

“How to hang macrame plant hangers without nails”

Not everyone can add a hook to their ceiling, perhaps you are renting or like me, you don’t really know how to do it safely.

I usually hang my macrame plant hangers from the curtain rail, you could also use a bar clamp close to the ceiling as an option.

Adhesive hooks like the ones from Command are a good option but I would recommend them for lighter or fake plants. I used them for wall plant hangers and macrame wall hangings all the time.

A wooden wall hook that integrates with our interiors and supports a plant hanger is a great option and can really add character to your space. This is one of my favourite options.

Macrame plant hanger from a wooden wall hook and flowers
Macrame plant hanger from a wooden wall hook

Magnetic hooks seem to work too, but I have never tried them before. I would love to know if you had any thoughts on this option.

As a general note, make sure the hook can hold the weight of a watered plant and pot.

If you can add a hook from the ceiling, this is usually the best and safest option, make sure you have fixed the hook properly, check with a professional and once again double-check that it can hold your watered plant and pot.

If you have more questions about macrame plant hangers, feel free to message me so I can update the blog post.

Want to learn how to macrame a plant hanger? Learn for free here I shared a macrame plant hanger pattern on the Gathered website.

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Macrame Plant Hangers: all you need to know

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