We all love Halloween especially if you have children in the house and this is an evergreen collection of my most popular Halloween Macrame projects, some of which have the flexibility to be adapted for other seasons! From yours truly, Isabella Strambio.

DIY macrame decorations are popular and it doesn’t have to take too much time to make some pretty ones that can be used over and over again for years to come.

Over the years I have done a few macrame Halloween projects and I thought to collect them all here to make it easier for you to find them.

I’ll update this blog post annually so make sure you bookmark it and come back to it. I have done a similar blog for Christmas decorations here.

For transparency, some of the tutorials are free while others are paid patterns or features on magazines.

Enjoy the selection of projects and don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @_twome when you post your beautiful makes.

FREE Halloween Macrame Pumpkin Holder

The tutorial can be found here

This is a brilliant macrame pumpkin tutorial that can be used to hang pumpkins this autumn but also plants outside in any given season.

Macrame Pumking pattern

This was my most popular autumn macrame pattern in 2021! I love how this pumpkin has been made in various colors and they are all beautiful.

You can purchase the pattern here.

Halloween Macrame Ghost

super cute, simple to make, and stylish Halloween macrame decoration.

You can find the fun tutorial on the Mollie Makes Magazine issue #147 here

Halloween Macrame Bat

Spooky and cute macrame bat perfect to decorate walls or to hang from the window.

You can find this fun tutorial in ‘Your Macrame Community’ the membership- alongside a library of 100+ macrame projects, knots and patterns.

Join ‘Your Macrame Community’ and access the Halloween Macrame Bat pattern here.

I am currently working on a new Halloween project that will be available here by mid-September 2022. Come back here to find out more or sign up to my mailing list HERE to be the first one to know when it’s available.

Happy Knotting & Happy Halloween



Guide of Halloween macrame projects- Macrame Pumpkin, macrame hanger, Macrame ghost

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