SIX expert tips on how to decorate home interiors with macrame, by modern macrame artist Isabella Strambio.

Just recently I was asked to contribute to a Redfin’s article together with other talented artists and designers from all over the world where I gave my tips on selecting accent pieces for small spaces, will you guess what I choose? I leave you the link at the bottom of the page to find out! 

I am obsessed with macrame and finding the right space for each unique piece it’s a skill I’ve learned working as a professional interior designer for 10 years around the world.  

I have been teaching the art of macrame now for the past six years, yet I can’t just ignore the interior designer in me which is a part of my life that I am very proud of, so I want to share with you my expert tips on how to decorate different spaces of your home with modern macrame pieces.

Mini macrame wall hanging in cream and terracotta
Small Macrame Wall Hanging
  1. A Mini Macrame 

A small macrame wall hanging beside its cuteness is very versatile and you can really play around with it!

If you want a wall to stand out, making the most of your mini macrame, I recommend placing it next to a larger piece. It can be the miniature version of a larger piece, perhaps the same colour but different cotton strings, or the same pattern but different colour.

If you are a macrame lover that likes to play with creative ideas,  another way is to hang it next to a series of different objects/sizes on the wall.  For example: hang it in two different sizes or shape picture frames and if you feel daring and love colours choose bright ones giving it a really contemporary pop look, this could be also suitable for a teen room or to give character to an otherwise very bland wall.

If you are not sure I recommend experimenting first trying different options using tape prior to finalizing the look so if you are not happy you won’t ruin your nice wall. 

A mini wall hanging is perfect for a baby/kids room, I always use (and recommend using) only 100% natural fibres, especially on macrame for kids’ rooms.

Macrame cushion
Macrame Cushion

2. Macrame Cushion (or pillow cover)

Besides adding to the aesthetics of a room, pillows are a great way to give a quick upgrade and refresh a tired look on a budget. 

As standard, a number of five pillows on a couch is perfect, you can choose from different sizes, textures and colours considering the existing style of the room. 

What’s great about a macrame cushion is that you can have both texture and colour all at once making it such a statement to any room. If you want to give a room an immediate luxurious feel make sure you choose a super soft string and not cord (maybe bamboo string or cotton), choose neutrals and if you are making your own don’t mix more than two colours. 

If you have an old pillow you can definitely transform it with macrame and if you feel adventurous and want to be extra, why not dye the cords by making your own natural dye? 

Pillows look great even in small sofas, they give an armchair a casual look (for an extra layer throw a blanket on) or if you just leave two or three in different sizes on the carpet in a nonchalant manner it gives an immediate relaxed and festive look when hosting a party, kids and adults alike will love seating on them!

Details of Flowers and macrame wreath with flowers
Macrame wreath

3. A macrame wreath 

Can you get enough of it? Honestly, this is another macrame piece that can be used forever and restyled for different occasions. 

If you don’t have one yet, I recommend making one now! Choose colours that match the rest of your decoration, and if you use neutrals you can then easily ‘dress it up for special occasions such as Christmas, Easter, or even a baby shower or as unique addition to your birthday decoration! 

It looks fabulous on top of a fireplace and during Christmas perhaps you can move it to the front door or next to the Christmas Tree adding some fairy lights or greenery to make it stand out.

Macrame lampshade

5. A classic macrame lampshade

I love to create timeless modern macrame pieces that are versatile and can be used at least for two different occasions and a classic lampshade is one of them. 

If you love macrame the lampshade is definitely a statement piece you need in your home and if you are a maker you will never get tired of making one for your clients!

A macrame lampshade looks great in any room giving such a dramatic look and if moved it in a garden, it’s immediately party time, don’t be shy to show it off!

Macrame bunting

6. Macrame bunting

Again bunting is another great way to style a room with ease and is great for both inside and outside. You can choose from a variety of styles, colours and patterns. 

You can customize it to match an event, or use it to decorate your kid’s room, place it on top of a mantlepiece for Christmas, along the staircase, use it as a backdrop for a party, wedding celebration you name it! 

This is what I love about macrame in its simplicity there are endless hidden treasures.

  1. Macrame rug

I love rugs and I love making them!  As you lay it on the floor, a rug can immediately bring warmth and comfort to what appears a cold room. Rugs are like the cherry on top of any room! 

A macrame rug feels so soft under your feet, definitely changes the feel of the room and will turn heads as it’s an unexpected piece of decoration. 

If you are making one I recommend using a cord and choosing a light colour it is intended for a bedroom or living room whilst choosing darker ones for an entrance hall. A round rug looks amazing in a nursery room!

There you go!

Whether you are an expert maker, a macrame enthusiast or love to discover new creative ideas for your home, I am sure here you’ve learned something new and look at modern decoration with different eyes. Happy decorating! 

If you are a macrame maker you can find all of the projects above in my book ‘Macrame for the Modern Home’. Head to my shop to find out more.  

Don’t forget to check out my contribution to Redfin below: 

“Art is a way to liven up a home and make a space feel lived-in and uniquely yours. But sometimes, choosing the right pieces can be hard, especially if you live in a small space that can be limiting. To help you get started, Redfin reached out to artists, sculptors, and designers, including us, to share our best tips on selecting accent pieces for your apartment – especially if you live in a small space. So, whether you just got the keys to an apartment in Manhattan, NY, or a highrise in Chicago, IL, use these tips to select the best accent pieces for your small space. 


 Accent Pieces for Your Apartment: How to Design a Small Space.

Six tips on how to decorate interiors with macrame

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