October 2022- The reality is that we are going through a challenging time, we have been for the past few years and it seems like it is not ending anytime soon.

It’s easy to get caught up in the media’s negative narrative and forget how well you have done in the past 3 years. I am inviting you to look at where you were at the start of 2020 and acknowledge how much you have achieved, then pat yourself on the back and say some loving words to yourself, because you deserve them!

Below are the 5 ways you can thrive in a time of uncertainty and I hope they will show you that opportunities to grow and thrive are available if you look for them!

Isabella Strambio Macrame cabin at Goodwood Revival Festival 2022
Isabella’s cabin at Goodwood Revival 2022

1. MINDSET & ENERGY are the KEYS to navigating this time with excitement and positivity. Invest and surround yourself with positive people, people that believe in you, people that can help you raise your energy and excitement for your business.

Swap fear with doubt. Fear leads to panic and when we panic we never make good decisions, we contract instead of expanding. Doubt, on the other hand, can be very helpful because it makes us questions a situation and encourages us to look at it from a different angle and find a better solution.

2. RELAX & NOURISH your body and mind. This means having low-key time. When we feel negative all around us we push ourselves to work even harder but that doesn’t mean we are going to be more productive, most of the time we feel even more overwhelmed because we are working for the sake of working, with no plan, strategy, or clear goal.

I regularly take time off doing meditation, gardening, macrame, going for a walk, playing with the kids, and tidying up because that’s when my mind goes quiet and I can listen to my intuition and download the most exciting ideas and offers for my community.

3. WHAT’S YOUR BEST SELLER? What are you good at? When the market change you need to adapt. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas are all coming in the next few months. How are you going to make the best of these opportunities? People will still buy presents, people will still spend money, and people will still want to please and impress family and friends.

So perhaps, instead of making a new collection from scratch, what about updating your best sellers from last year? Create a bundle? What can you do more in your business that can bring cash and what can you do less that is sucking your energy away?

This is a great time to reassess your business and streamline, pivot, evolve, and grow.

4. DON’T HIDE! It’s not easy navigating negative water, BUT if you hide or decide to hibernate until better times nothing will ever move forward. You have to actively look for opportunities, talk to people, get involved in your local community, and engage with your audience on social media. You can be the constant, reassuring, and positive voice that they are looking for.

People buy your energy, vibe, excitement, and story.

Remember, the actions you are taking today will affect where you are going to be in 6 months.

5. FUN I have been saying this over and over again. You need to have fun, you need to enjoy running your business, and you need to be excited about your work & opportunities. A brilliant way to enjoy this process is by COLLABORATING with other makers. Why not join forces and create a joint offer or a giveaway to help increase your visibility? Collaborations are a vital part of my business since the beginning and have helped me grow my business and connect with other creatives around the world.

When you have fun it shows.

It shows In your work, social media, and everything you do.

What can you do to bring more fun into your business today?

These are my top tips and I hope you have found them helpful.

Let me help you bring more clarity to your business.

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This is my way to show my support to you and my way of saying I BELIEVE IN YOU!

Let’s ride this wave together!

Save this post and come back to it during those days when you feel like throwing the towel, we all have them, including me, and that’s ok, we are human!

with love


photo by Arianna Cagli

5 ways you can thrive in a time of uncertainty

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