This simple and easy-to-follow macrame Christmas tree pattern is ideal for anyone trying macrame for the very first time. These adorable macrame Christmas trees can be used to decorate a Christmas tree, as Christmas gift tags, or as table-setting Christmas decorations.

So simple to make you can get the kids involved too, they make the perfect craft activity for the festive season.

Macrame Christmas tree pattern


2 x 3 meters of 3mm braided string in teal ( we use this one here from Hobby Craft)- You can substitute with any type of macrame string

3 wooden beads 12mm dia (we use this one here from Hobby Craft)

1 x 50 cm 1mm white string


Measuring tape


Weaving needle


  • Fold your strings with one end 50cm long.
  • Fix the strings on a board or piece of cardboard with pins, making sure the 50cm ends are inside.
  • Use the long ends to tie a Square Knot (learn how to make a Square Knot here)
  • Tie a Sinnet of Square Knots until you have run out of string
  • Tuck the ends of the strings at the back of the sinnet, trim the excess
  • Fold the thin white string in half, tie a simple knot to create a loop and pass through a bead.
  • Fold the sinnet 7-8 times to create a tree shape
  • With the help of the weaving needle pass the white string through the tree
  • Add the two wooden beads
  • Tie one or two simple knots and trim excess string

Have fun making them in different colours and sizes!

I would love to see your version of this simple macrame Christmas tree decoration.

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with love


Macrame Christmas Tree with wooden beads details
Macrame Christmas Tree Decoration

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Best DIY Macrame Christmas tree decoration 2023

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