Large Macrame Brach Bag with beach towels inside and shells

I have always wanted to make an XL macrame beach bag, the bag where you can throw in all the towels, straw hats and your favourite book. I was very excited when Bobbiny_UK sent me one of their latest products, the 9mm 3-ply cord. The quality is always superb as well as their colour selection and is made from 100% recycled cotton. I picked sand because I just love this colour and it reminds me of summer.

100% recycled cotton string in sand colour

To make this macrame beach bag size approximately 50 x 65cm you will need 3 rolls. You could reduce the size and purchase just 2 rolls, you will still have a fantastic bag.

Before I share the tutorial I wanted to add that you could line the bag. The pattern I designed has large gaps and it’s not ideal to carry small items, however, by lining it you will be able to carry anything!

Macrame beach bag detail with sun glasses, hat and shells


Material & Equipment

3 x Bobbiny 3 Ply 9mm Sand

Glue Gun (optional)



1 x 3 meters

29 x 2.2 meters

1 x 1.6 meters (this is for the handle and the length may vary depending on your style. I would recommend finishing the bag first before cutting the handle)


  1. Fold the long 3-meter string in half and tie 14 strings on each side using the reversed Lark’s Head Knot. You can work on a flat surface for now.
  2. Next, go around and tie a row of Righ Half Square Knots, using all the strings, including the two strands from the long 3-meter string
  3. Next, go around and tie a row of alternating Left Half Square Knots, followed by a row of alternating Righ Half Square Knots (PIC 1)
  4. At this point, you could hang the bag or keep working on a flat surface (PIC 2)
  5. Measure about 20cm and tie a row of Righ Half Square Knots
  6. Next, go around and tie a row of alternating Left Half Square Knots, followed by a row of alternating Righ Half Square Knots (PIC 3)
  7. Measure about 20-25cm depending on how deep you want the bag and tie a row of Square Knots using 6 strings for each knot. 4 filler strings and 2 working strings on each side.
  8. When you reach the end on one side, depending on how many strings you have used, you might have a different number of strands, don’t worry, just make Square Knots using 4 or 6 strands.
  9. Tie a new row of alternating Square Knots making sure they are tight. (PIC 4)
  10. If you want you can add a dot of glue using a glue gun inside the last Square Knots for extra security
  11. Cut the excess string and unravel (PIC 5)
  12. Cut a piece of string for the handle, mine was 1.6 meters, I like to wear my bag across. Pass it through the side and tie a Reef Knot (PIC 6)

Enjoy the macrame beach bag, use it and don’t forget to tag me @_twome

I would love to see it in different colours and don’t forget that you can add your own touch my adding tassels, shells, beads and more.

With Love


Macrame beach bag hanging in a beach hut with a towel and a palm leaf
Macrame Beach bag with beach items on a bench in a beach hut

XL Macrame Beach Bag

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