Owning my own business is one of my biggest accomplishments and it has been an incredible journey. Like most of you, it started as a hobby and as the passion grew I started looking into how to turn it into a business. Once I started my side hustle I then began to look into how to make it a profitable business so I could quit my day 9-5 job.

Looking back, I now see that there are some key lessons I have learned that have made a difference in growing and running my business successfully, these are my top 3 tips.

  1. Just start
  2. Rest time is needed in your business, it is not a luxury
  3. Consistency
  1. There is a great quote that I live by ” You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great

There is never a perfect time to start your own business, you just need to take the leap. Like a drop in the ocean, it will have a ripple effect and things will start to happen. Don’t aim for perfection, don’t overthink it, just start your creative journey.

2. Rest is not a luxury, is needed in your business and in your life if you want to be more productive, happier and be open to receive. Most of the time we feel guilty if we rest and put our feet up. The truth is that only when we tend both our energies, masculine side (doing energy) and a feminine side ( being energy), we can find a balanced work-life. Rest is as important as being productive when you run a business.

3. Consistency is probably the hardest habit to master but it’s very important. Consistency doesn’t mean showing up 24/7 on your social media channels. It means you decide how, when and how you show up and then do it consistently, so your audience and clients know where to find you and start building trust towards you and your brand.

I have asked five successful creative business owners to share their top 3 tips they wish they knew when they started their business.

I hope you will find them helpful and if you are thinking to turn your passion and hobby into a business, look out for the doors to ‘From creative overwhelm to successful business’ opening soon or sign up to the waiting list here to be kept in the known and access the early bird tickets as soon as they go on sale.

a reminder:

no amount of vision boards,

manifestations, intention settings, or prayers

will happen if

you’re not ready to do the work

josefina h. sanders

Katie @ceramicmagpie

Katie said to me that her top three tips centre on self-investment, community and doing things her own way.

  1. When you are starting your own business and not making any or very little money it can be scary to invest in yourself; but the money I spent with business coaches has been golden, it gave me an insight into how to bring the customer on my journey and to take the ickiness out of ‘selling’. Self investment has also been important for me in terms of courses and self development of my skills.

2. Community is really important in terms of finding an audience, and a supportive group who will cheer you on. For me, this has been a really important way of growing my business.

3. You don’t have to follow a set formula. Work out the things that you enjoy doing most in your marketing and lean into those eg you don’t want to do a dancey reel, then don’t. Find a way of showing your process in a manner that works for you.

Find out more about Katie’s work www.ktrobbinsceramics.com

Amanda @Icanmake_shoes

She just got back from Australia and she is sharing her top 3 tips:

1. Done is better than perfect.
This has actually become one of my mantras in business. If I were to obsess over every tiny little thing being perfect I never would have gotten this business started in the first place. Focus on what really matters like the quality of your product or service and don’t sweat the small stuff.

2. Your community is a free focus group, use it. 
If you’ve got an idea for a new product or service, ask your community via social media or email if they would like you to do that. They may surprise you and say no.! Ask before you take action and it could save you thousands of pounds. Plus they can give you some great ideas for what they do actually want from you as a business.

3. Work / Life balance is REAL. 
Just because you are putting in lots of hours doesn’t make you important or successful. The whole point of running your own business is to have control of your work/life balance..so take advantage 🙂

You can find out more about Amanda’s work www.icanmakeshoes.com

Lucy @lucyclaireillustration

She shared her top 3 tips:

1. Not all products are going to be a success and that’s okay! It’s all a learning curve.

2. No one knows what they are doing, it’s okay to bluff, it’s okay to believe in yourself!!

3. Stay organised! With taxes and receipts, (the worst job in the world but has to be done) if you do it monthly it seems like a much smaller task.

Find out more about Lucy’s work www.lucyclaireillustration.com

Nerrisa @thebargelloedit

Nerissa introduced me to this craft that I am looking forward to trying and these are her top 3 tips:

1. Pre-orders are key for a small business with limited funds, it was an ideal way for me to test the waters and make sure my customers like the products I was producing before jumping in with both feet and funds I simply didn’t have as a startup. 

2. Cashflow is your friend, where possible, secure wholesalers in your industry and look for those who will allow you to pay on account, this way you can ensure all your bills don’t come at once and take a little pressure off of yourself and your business bank account.

3. Be authentically you, after all, that’s what people will love about your brand in the long run. Trying to be something to everyone will not only be impossible but it will cause you a lot of stress and heartache trying to get there. Creating what you love and being authentic and enthusiastic about it on social media will show and encourage your customers to engage and eventually purchase from you too. 

Find out more about Nerrisa’s work www.thebargelloedit.com

Bruna @bruna_garment.production

These are Bruna’s top tips:

1. Just do it! Stop planning every single detail and take action. Focus on creating a great product/service and worry less about the logo, Instagram perfect profile…

2. It’s ok and advised that you raise your prices. Your ideal client will not leave you or otherwise, they are not your ideal client – the same goes for setting boundaries (which I am still learning)

3. You will be challenged and doubt yourself many many times. So many times! Now I know it’s hard to believe, especially when you are going through it, but this is a good thing. Either you/your business are stepping into the next level or it’s time to.

Bonus: ask for help, talk with others in the same industry, connect. You will be surprised how many people are happy to jump on a call and help you out. 

Find out more about Bruna’s work www.nudetextiles.com

handmade garment with yellow and grey flowers
Bruna’s handmade garment

I hope these incredible tips from these amazing makers will help you on your journey to turning your passion into a business.

If you like my help, don’t hesitate to contact me here or join the waiting list for ‘From creative overwhelm to successful business’


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