The first time I thought about a macrame retreat was in 2020, a time when I was immersed in running my first business group coaching program, exclusively for macrame artists. The seed of the idea to organize a macrame retreat was planted by my students, who envisioned a transformative experience beyond the confines of a virtual classroom.

Yet, the prospect of organizing a retreat stirred a blend of excitement and trepidation within me. The fear of failure loomed large. This was something I had never organised before nor had I attended to. Doubt whispered, asking, “Who was I to undertake this venture?” It took two years, marked by moments of hesitation and self-reflection, before I summoned the courage to take the first substantial step — paying 50% for a venue, a commitment that propelled me forward.

Once I made that jump, there was no turning back!

I had opened a portal to a reality where the macrame retreat I envisioned would not only come to fruition but thrive and be fully booked.

That’s exactly what happened! ✨✨✨✨

The inaugural retreat exceeded my expectations, becoming a space where creativity blossomed, connections were made, and laughter echoed.

showing macrame enthusiasts on a macrame retreat in UK

The success of the first retreat stirred a fresh set of aspirations among the amazing women who attended. They yearned for an experience abroad, and so, the destination for 2024 became Seville in Spain — a place that resonates with culture, history, and the promise of another incredible macrame journey.

I want to acknowledge the integral role that my community plays in shaping the retreat:

YOU inspire me,

YOU lead me to the best decisions in my business,

and YOU are my co-creator of the retreat.

The essence of trust is knotted into every aspect of this experience — trust in myself, in the participants, and in the universe. I can’t deny that sometimes the fear of uncertainty lurks, but it’s counterbalanced by a deeper knowing that this will be yet another extraordinary macrame retreat.

The Macrame Retreat I’m envisioning is five days flowing with macrame, creativity, rest, relaxation, good food, meaningful conversation, a touch of spirituality, and laughter. I believe that macrame brings happiness, relaxation, creativity, calmness, and joy.

What I am asking you is…..are you ready to trust yourself and gift yourself the time to

❤️ Macrame +

❤️ creativity +

❤️ rest & relaxation +

❤️ good food +

❤️ meaningful conversation +

❤️ Spirituality +

lots of laughter

It’s my invitation to leap into 2024 with an abundance of macrame moments, memories, and days filled with happiness.

Are you ready to take the leap and make 2024 INCREDIBLY MACRAME?


Macrame retreat by Isabella Strambio
Macrame retreat 2023 by Isabella Strambio

To make this decision even easier for you, I’m extending an offer to those who join the retreat with a friend.

Join the Macrame Retreat with a friend and you both get £100 off!

Both receive £100 off the final payment, an incentive to embark on this transformative journey together. All you need to do is book your slot and email me the name of your friend, and I’ll take off £100 on the final payment.

I truly believe that if you are called to join us, it is because you are the perfect person to join and share this experience!

I can not wait to welcome you to the group,


To offer a glimpse of the magic that unfolds during the retreat, below I share the testimonials from the women who joined last year. Real voices, real experiences — a testament to the authentic connections, newfound skills, and profound joy that the retreat imparts.

You can read more kind words from the ladies from the retreat ​here​ and more details on the 5-day macrame retreat ​here​.

Do you have any questions about the Macrame Retreat 2024?

I want your 2024 to be abundant with moments, memories, and days filled with what makes you happy!

I believe macrame brings you happiness, helps you relax, channels your creativity, calms anxiety, and brings you lots of joy.

The Macrame Retreat is 5 days of

Macrame + creativity + rest + relaxation + good food + meaningful conversation + a touch of spirituality + lots of laughter flowing in and out!

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity!


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Macrame Retreat 2024

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