Grab a cup of tea and join me as we dive into the magical world of macrame, where creativity meets elegance in the bustling backdrop of London.

Last week, I had the incredible opportunity to spend a week in the heart of London creating a large art rope installation for a gorgeous townhouse. Collaborating with the amazing and inspiring Leslie Ann Wigon was an absolute dream come true, and I was honored to be able to execute one of her designs for her client.

I won’t be able to share any full pictures but I can share some details and most of all I want to share with you the list of the tolls that were essential for the success of this project.

The project’s standards were extremely high, and I knew from the start that I had to use only the best tools and materials. For the rope and string, I decided to use Bobbiny products, known for their outstanding quality and the fact that they’re made from recycled cotton. For the details and pop of colours, I selected bamboo string to create a natural sheen, and gold thread for an understated luxury feel.

To create such a large macrame installation for interiors, I had to have the best tools with me. In this blog post, I’ll share the top four tools that were essential for the success of the project, as well as some extra tools that made the experience even better.

1- Tape Measure

The tape measures were crucial. I brought two with me, one long (5 meters) and one short (3 meters). The long tape measure was used to help me cut long strings (some of which were 15 meters long), while the shorter and less heavy tape measure was used to check the design’s gaps, distance, and heights.

2- Macrame Rules

Macrame rules were also essential. These were gifted to me by Claire @Hookedincotton and helped me space the lines of double-half hitches evenly with ease. The set comes with four heights and a ruler on one of them, which is also handy when you want to double-check the spacing.

3- Cotton Gloves

I knotted for up to 6 hours in a row with short breaks. The cotton gloves were an absolute must-have for this project. I had to pull the strings tight to achieve the desired tension. If I didn’t have cotton gloves, I would have had rope burns on my first day, rendering me inoperable for the rest of the week. It’s crucial to remember to take care of your body and hands while working on a project like this. A nice hand moisturizer at the end of the day can also be very helpful to nourish your amazing fingers! I got mine on Amazon here.

4- EZ Beader-

The EZ beader was a must-have to finish the job neatly without ruining the strings and pulling the wrong thread. I only had one with me on-site, but next time I’ll make sure to have an extra one, just in case! I was terrified that it might break from the pulling. I got mine on Amazon here.

In addition to these four essential tools, I brought some extra tools that made the experience of installing this large macrame art piece, even better.

Sharp Scissors- this is a must to complete the piece and trim all the ropes neatly. I recommend all my students this one here.

Sheets- I covered part of the floor with sheets I brought from home to keep an area clean and dust-free where I could be measuring and cut my ropes.

Tripod + Phone/camera- to take photos and videos for social media, the website, and for myself! Mine is from Uniqu Store here.

Masking tape- to tape the end of the strings and rope and avoid unwanted unravelling.

Music- a must-have as well since I was knotting alone in the house for six hours a day. A podcast or ebook is also a good alternative to keep you company while working on a project like this.

Mask- even though I didn’t end up using it. Depending on the type of string and if you’re asthmatic, you may want to wear a DIY mask to avoid breathing in cotton dust, which can be very irritating.

In conclusion, creating a large art rope installation requires careful planning and preparation. Using high-quality materials and the best tools is crucial to the success of the project. Taking care of your body and hands while working on a project like this is also essential.

If you are looking for a rope or macrame custom-made installation or artwork, feel free to contact me. I would be honoured to work with you to bring to life a unique piece for your space.

I have 15 years of experience in Interior design in residential and hospitality projects and I know how important is it to have high standards and attention to detail.

NOTE- I might get a very small commission from some of the Amazon links.

Macrame for a London Townhouse

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