If you are new here and haven’t, don’t worry – I’ve got you covered with simple video tutorials that will have you knotting like a pro in no time. You’re already halfway there if you’ve mastered the essential square knot or if you are a seasoned knotter, grab your favourite drink and some cords get ready to review the basics, and unleash your creativity!

The macrame square knot is the essential knot you need to know in a macrame. So let’s get to work!

You can learn and practice the square knot with the easy-to-follow video tutorial below that I made for Hobby Craft:

Once you’ve mastered this foundational knot, a whole universe of macrame projects awaits you. From home decor to fashion accessories, the possibilities are endless! To kick-start your macrame journey, I’ve curated a list of my top 10 projects you can steal using the versatile square knot.

If this is your first attempt with macrame I suggest you start with this small project that will give you so much joy! A delicate coaster, such as the one shown below, can immediately add creativity, charm, and a touch of Boho-chic to your coffee table.

It can also make a beautiful and original present in a pair of twos, so why not show off your new skills and brighten someone’s day?

Check out the link below, it will take you to the step-by-step guide to make your first coaster.

Elevate your accessory game with a stylish macrame clutch made only with square knots.

Check the link below and sign up for “Your Macrame Community” to get detailed instructions on creating this fashion-forward piece and many more amazing and original projects to up your macrame game!

Spread some love with this adorable macrame heart wall hanging!

Over the years, this pattern has been used by many beyond Valentine’s Day. I have seen macrame heart wall hangings in nurseries, living rooms, cosy corners, and as a gift to a loved one.

The heart shape can have so many meanings for different people, and the beauty of this easy-to-make macrame wall hanging is that anyone can make it, even a beginner!

Choose your favourite colour cord and hit the link below for your free tutorial!

I love the flexibility of macrame, you can make so many high standard decorative items with just a bunch of cords and a dust of creativity! This bolster made with a simple square knot is an example!

Choose your favourite colour and show off your skills!

Get this unique pattern by joining My Macrame Community.

Add a festive flair to any occasion with DIY macrame bunting.

This simple and super cute tutorial on how to make a mini-macrame bunting with a square knot is the perfect idea to decorate the kids’ room. I’ve made it to decorate a basket during Easter, but you could use different colours to match your decorations or festive theme.

You can get your free square knot bunting tutorial by following the link below:

If you’re a yoga lover, this beautiful yet easy-to-make mat holder is a must-have in your portfolio!


This yoga mat holder made with the square knot can also make a thoughtful present for your friend.

Get this easy pattern in Your Macrame Community, link below:

This beginner-friendly project focuses again on the square knot.

This super cute basket is a tutorial I made for Easter, but it’s also perfect for any kids’ room in different colours!

Incorporating these seasonal touches can be a fantastic method to refresh your home decor.

Get the square knot Bunny Basket tutorial in The Macrame Membership:

Ready to take your macrame skills to the next level? Learn how to create a stunning square knot macrame skirt with an amazing tutorial I made for Hobbycraft. Get your step-by-step guide in the link below.

Add a touch of modern charm to your home with a beautiful and timeless macrame place mat. This is perfect for your summer evenings, or you can make it a statement piece for your table setting throughout the year. Check out Your Macrame Community in the link below to create your place mat with a square knot.

Deck the halls with my modern macrame baubles.

Create these unique ornaments effortlessly with the square knot and customize each one with paint to complement your festive colour scheme! It’s also a fantastic method to revitalize old decorations. Simply click the link below and follow my straightforward guidelines, and you’ll soon have stunning decorations adorning your space.

If you are looking to learn macrame in 2024 check my online courses or live workshops here.

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10 Macrame Projects using The Square Knot: Master The Basics

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