I am very excited to share with you this simple and super cute tutorial on how to make a mini-macrame bunting, perfect idea to decorate the kids’ Easter baskets or your home.

I’ve used the natural colour macrame string from Nutscene at Hobbycraft, it made from 100% recycled cotton. You could also use different colours to match your Easter decorations.


1x 80cm string

6 x 50cm string per flag


Using masking tape fix your long string on a flat surface

Using the Lark’s Head Knot place 6 strings on the long string (tutorial here)

Starting from the left make a row of 3 square knots (tutorial here)

Next take string #3 and #4 from the first square knot and string #1 and #2 from the second square knot and make a new square knot. Repeat with the next 4 string to make a row of two square knots

Starting from the left again make a row of 3 Square knot, next a row of two Square knots and finally one square knot in the middle.

Cut your strings at desired length

Repeat the same steps to make the remaining flags and finally attach your mini macrame bunting to your basket.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and I would love to see photos of your creations.

Please share them with me on social media by tagging IG:@_twome FB:@twomeuk or by sending the photo via email.

Have a lovely Easter,

with love, Isabella

Beautiful handmade rabbits by Monika @NACOTOPOCOTO

Mini Macrame Bunting- Easter Basket Decoration

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