I am very excited to unveil my top 3 successful opt-ins to skyrocket your Subscribers for creative business owners.

In today’s digital age, building a thriving mailing list is essential for any business, artist, or maker seeking to expand their reach, nurture relationships, and drive conversions.

However, with the ever-increasing competition for attention, it’s crucial to have effective opt-in strategies that entice visitors to subscribe. In this blog, I will unveil my top three opt-in ideas that will supercharge your mailing list and 7 others that I highly recommend to help you skyrocket your subscribers on your mailing list.

Before we start, on the blog post I will refer to opt-in, lead magnets or freebies: they are all the same thing, just different names.

Why do you need to grow your mailing list?

The subscribers of your mailing list are the only asset with your website that you own and have total control over. Your mailing list it’s the best place to connect and nurture a trusting relationship with your subscribers and turn them from followers to clients.

You don’t own social media so if one day Facebook decides to close you would lose all your followers. On the other hand, you own your mailing list and you have access and control over your mailing list.

In this Instagram post, I share why your creative business needs a mailing list. You can read the post by clicking on the picture below.

Get ready to take your business and email marketing to new heights!


A FREE GUIDE TO MACRAME- 3 simple tutorials

This is the most popular OPT-IN I have created.

A crafting guide within your area of expertise is not only simple but also incredibly effective. Whether it’s a guide on selecting the ideal candle for meditation, essential tools for macrame enthusiasts, or a comprehensive 5-step guide for achieving the perfect glazing, these resources showcase your authority in your niche and foster trust among your audience.

Grab this juicy freebie here!

What’s more, these opt-in guides serve as a gateway to foster active participation within your online community.

As subscribers engage with your well-crafted guides, they often develop a deeper connection, following you on social media platforms, emailing or sending private DM with their results, actively participating in discussions, and many evolving into potential future clients.

The trust and authority established through your guides create a fertile ground for meaningful relationships and conversions.


Engaging with a community of macrame enthusiasts has always been my passion, and hosting LIVE free 3-day macrame challenges has proven to be a brilliant strategy for growing my mailing list exponentially.

These challenges offer a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who are eager to learn and explore the art of macrame. The interactive nature of the challenges creates a sense of excitement and exclusivity, prompting participants to willingly join my mailing list to access the valuable content and guidance provided during the event.

Building on the success of these live challenges, I decided to transform one of my most successful events into a timeless freebie, ensuring that anyone can join and experience the fun, regardless of availability or time constraints. By offering this freebie, I’ve eliminated barriers and expanded the reach of my macrame community. Now, subscribers can embark on the macrame journey at their own convenience, immersing themselves in the joy of creating beautiful knots and designs.

Moreover, participating in the macrame challenge freebie has additional benefits beyond the event itself. As individuals join my mailing list, they gain access to exclusive FREE content, updates on upcoming challenges, and valuable resources tailored to their macrame journey. This ensures a continuous connection, enabling me to nurture relationships, provide ongoing support, and offer future opportunities for growth.

If you fancy a macrame challenge get your hands on my fun and creative opt-in 3-day macrame challenge!


The fastest lead magnet I’ve ever created!

By utilizing a template from Canva and infusing it with prompts based on my experience as a successful macrame artist and business mentor, I crafted a PDF that is both visually appealing and packed with fantastic ideas.

This resource is a game-changer for individuals seeking fresh content creation ideas for social media platforms. Whether you’re a maker, a creative business owner, or simply someone looking for inspiration, this lead magnet is designed to resonate with a wide range of audiences.

The simplicity of the PDF ensures easy readability, and its format allows for effortless printing and pinning, making it a convenient reference tool. From captivating caption ideas to engaging storytelling prompts, this lead magnet is designed to ignite creativity and spark new directions for content strategy.

Head to my free business resources page on my website to download your 30-day Instagram planner now!


  1. Checklists
  2. Ebook (or free chapter)
  3. Workbooks
  4. Discount or Free shipping
  5. Pattern
  6. Template
  7. Live training/workshop

Also, think about the last three opt-ins you have signed up for and ask yourself these questions:

  1. What made you leave your email address and download it?
  2. Was the content easily accessible, simple, and valuable?
  3. In what way did the content help you?
  4. Was the freebie easy to digest?
  5. Did it leave you wanting more?

What makes a great opt-in?

People don’t give their email easily, and we do not want an inbox overflowing with emails, therefore you need to make your lead magnet compelling, exciting, and life-changing.

Here I am sharing my checklist, make sure your opt-in or freebie ticks at least one of the following rules:

Your mailing list is a powerful tool for connecting with your audience, nurturing relationships, and driving conversions. By implementing one of the opt-in ideas above:

irresistible lead magnets + adding engaging content + an automated nurturing system

you’ll supercharge your mailing list and see a significant increase in subscribers and therefore sales!

If you have a mailing list and you are struggling to grow your mailing list, make sure you optimize your opt-in strategies to ensure they align with your audience’s evolving preferences. So go ahead, unleash the power of these opt-in ideas, and watch your mailing list grow to new heights!

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Top 3 Opt-in Ideas to Skyrocket Your Mailing List

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