I’ve shared this tutorial on my latest Instagram post, however, I also wanted to add here so you can all find it again easily and the images are much bigger!

This is a simple and effective little project that you can do it even if you have never tried macrame before. Give it a go and if you post a picture on Instagram or Facebook, please use #startacreativejourney


10 x 1.2 meters of 3mm rope

1x 30cm piece of string

Masking tape

Measuring tape

Scissors Comb


STEP 1- Fix your string with masking tape on your tabletop. (picture below)

STEP 2-Using a lark knot (you can learn how to make it here) place the 10 pieces of rope on your piece of string. (picture below).

STEP 3- Measure 6cm under your string and start a row of 5 square knots (you can learn how to make it here ).

STEP 4- Continue to make alternated rows of 5 and 4 square knots util you have 11 rows. (picture below)

STEPS 5- Cut the ropes under the string and then measure 6cm under your last row of square knots and cut the ropes. ( picture below)

STEPS 6- Unravel the rope’s ends on both sides and with the help of the comb brush them. ( picture below)

Voila’, you have your coaster!

What do you think? could make one? Try and let me know!

If you have any questions, just comment below or email me.

Looking forward to seeing your beautiful work.

Isabella x

Macrame Coaster Free Tutorial