While Twome was growing and developing, my husband and I have been looking to relocate out of London. After the first apprehensions, which lasted about 6 moths, I got used to the idea of leaving the big smoke behind for a quieter lifestyle. It’s strange how much easier it has been, for us, to move to a new country that moving to the countryside!

I come to London from Italy, when I was 18 and after working as an au-pair, getting a degree and my first job, I worked & travelled around the world, with my now husband, for 10 years. We moved back 4 years ago and it has been great to be back here. I LOVE London! From the diversity, to the contracts, the vibes and the constant changes. It’s a city that breathes new air all the time. However the fast pace, some days just gets too much. I think having children made me pause and look at our life in a different way. I’m now craving for a slower lifestyle. I want to enjoy the moments, be more mindful with what’s happening around us. Starting TWOME made me realise how much I like slowing done few hours a day and loose myself in what I do. I see my daughter doing the same while she is making one puzzle after the other, it takes her up to 15 minutes. She gets very upset when I disturbed her, and she is right. She is totally immerse in the moment, nothing else matters. As adults we’ve learnt to multitask and by doing that we lost the ability to be more present, to totally concentrate on one thing only.

Reflecting back, when we started to consider the idea of moving to the countryside, it felt like the beginning of the end! Two kids, ‘grown-up’ house, pets! The truth is that I was scared of the ordinary. I had a fantastic childhood, in Italy, by the sea, in a safe city with my family and great community around my sister and I. Closed minded at times, but as a child you don’t understand that. It was only as a teenager that I realized that this kind of environment was not for me. I love to travel and mix with different people, discover new cultures be stimulated all the time. To go back to that kind of lifestyle scared me! It was like closing the loop. However, I realized that this move was not for me but for the whole family. I want my kids to grow up more carefree, in a slower pace of life, healthier environment, more connected with nature and with their parents more present. I want all that for myself too.

Suddenly it all made sense. Twome was growing and I could see how I didn’t have to disconnect with ‘the city’. I would always go back to London to run workshops, exhibitions and meet ups. The schedule would have to be more structured and planned in advance to balance family and work life. I realized that I could get the best from both worlds. Simpler life focused on my family and crafts while been able to stay connected with London and get my ‘fix’ from the city. I’ve made a list of what I’m looking forward to in the country and what I’ll be missing of London.

Have you ever made the jump from the city to countryside? How was it for you?

Ps. All photo by @ martinobutler

Bye Bye London, We Are Moving to the Country

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