Relocating to a new country can be daunting, but for my husband and I, it’s a journey we’ve embraced wholeheartedly over the years. From 2004 to 2013, we lived and worked in six different countries, revelling in immersing ourselves in new cultures, experiences, and, adventures. However, this time, our move from the UK to Sweden […]

Embracing Change: Our Family’s Journey from the UK to Sweden


It has been just over a month from our move from the city to the country and already so much has changed in my daily routine. I’ve made a list!!! I would love to hear your thoughts too. Have you made the big move from the city to the country? Are you thinking about it? […]

Slow Living in the Country

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While Twome was growing and developing, my husband and I have been looking to relocate out of London. After the first apprehensions, which lasted about 6 moths, I got used to the idea of leaving the big smoke behind for a quieter lifestyle. It’s strange how much easier it has been, for us, to move […]

Bye Bye London, We Are Moving to the Country

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