It has been just over a month from our move from the city to the country and already so much has changed in my daily routine.

I’ve made a list!!!

I would love to hear your thoughts too. Have you made the big move from the city to the country? Are you thinking about it? How’s your daily life changed?

(morning cuddles)

1. Slow living comes more natural in the country

People have a completely different concept of time in the country. When I was living in London I had to make such a huge effort to slow down and be more present, here it just seems normal to potter around and don’t rush. I’m honest, it does drive me crazy sometimes, especially when I ask for a take away coffee and I have to wait for 10 minutes! I don’t know if I can ever get used to that, however I do love the slow mornings! In London it went like this: 6.30am alarm; breakfast and get myself and the kids ready by 7.30am, to drop the big one at breakfast club and the little one at nursery. Then catch the train, coffee and be at work for 8.45. Now we wake up around 7am, we allow about 45 minutes for breakfast, chatting and colouring time. By 8am my husband is on his way to work and myself and the girls get ready. We leave home at 8.45am to go to school. Working from home and having flexible hours has taken away a lot of pressure on myself and my family, now we can start the day in a more gentle way.

(latest macrame in my hallway)

2. I have more time for my work

Having left my day job, I now have more time to make. Is still have my little one with me all the time but I can knot away for 10-15, have a play/break and then start again. In the evenings I have longer slots of time and I love the space I have to do my work. All my materials are visible and tidy on dedicated shelves. A good space makes such a difference. I feel I can breath more, relax more. Mentally I feel more creative. When I was in London I had this feeling that I was always catching up with my time. Now I can plan and stick to the tasks, most days.

(bohemian garden party)

3. I’ve started dreaming again

It sounds strange but I hardly remember any dreams since I moved to London about 4 years ago. Since I moved here, I’ve started dreaming or remembering my dream again. I think it’s stress related. I definitely feel much more relaxed now and in control of my own time.

4. I can see the stars

Not just few, the whole sky is full of them! I haven’t experienced that for a very long time! They are just beautiful and to actually stop, go outside and look up for few minutes and listen to the night sounds, it’s magical.

(the girls at their first agricultural show)

5. Organic food is not expensive

We have a market every week where I can buy organic fruits, vegetables, gluten free cakes, farm eggs, handmade jams, soups etc for a very reasonable price, sometimes even cheaper than the super market. I used to go to the market, as a child, in Italy, every week. To be able to do this with my children it’s very rewarding and educational. I now try to buy all my veggies and fruits from the farmers and follow the seasons as much as possible. In London I could get a box of organic vegetables and fruit for crazy money! To have it on my door step made me realized how lucky we are.

(our first wellies holder)

5. I now know so much about boots

Walking, shooting, lifestyle, seaside…..seriously? INever knew!!!! It took me about one afternoon to choose which pair to buy. At the end I pick some made of natural rubber and made in UK!

Slow Living in the Country

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