This pacifier or dummy macrame holder is perfect for your baby or for any friends expecting. Made from natural rope and a wooden clip can compliment any style and gender.

It very easy to made as you need to learn just one knot!


4 meters of 1mm string to be cut in half

1 wooden clip


1. Fold the two strings in half and insert them in the wooden clip

2. Make a knot at the end of each end to avoid the rope to unravell

3. Start with your first half square knot- you can find the tutorial here

4. Continue with your square knots until the two shortest strings are about 15cm long at the bottom

5. Fold one of the strings in the middle in half (upwards)

6. Continue with your square knots, add around 4/5

7. Make sure the last knot is very tight

8. Cut the string poking out close to your square knots

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Isabella x

Macrame Pacifier Holder Tutorial