It always makes me so happy to make these free tutorial for you all, around the world keen to learn macrame.

I specially love making these macrame feathers because I can use all the string scraps from my larger macrame pieces.

What a better way to use strings that otherwise would go in the bin!

Feather macrame (Final size of the feather approx. 15x17cm) MATERIAL: Keyring/wooden stick Comb (pet comb) Tape measure Sharp scissors 1x50cm single twist string (main string) 16x 30/35cm single twist string I used 4mm single twist cotton string TUTORIAL:

  1. Use a lark knot to place your main string on the wooden stick- pic 1 (tutorial for the lark knot here)
  2. Take the first string, fold it in half and place it under the main string with the ends on the right side- pic 2
  3. Take another string, fold it in half and place it on top of the main string with the ends on the left side
  4. Place the ends of the string on top inside the folded end of string one- pic 3
  5. Place the ends of the string underneath inside the folded end of the string on top- pic 4

6. Pull the strings tight and push them at the top. pic-5

7. Repeat till you have used all your strings.

8. Make a single knot at the end using the main string- pic 6

9. Unravel all the strings and brush them- pic 7

10. Cut to the desired shape- pic 8

Tips: For best result use single twisted string You can use a cat brush instead of a comb to speed the brushing process by 80% (totally worth it) After brushing the best way to stiffen the macrame feather is by using spray starch to stiffen the fringes at the back of the feather. Once you have cut your macrame feather shape you can spray the starch again.

You can also draw and cut a template to trim the perfect macrame feather. Safety:

Brushing cotton string/rope will produce a lot of fine dust and fluff. If you suffer from asthma please use a mask. If you have children or pet, please vacuum and clean after making the macrame feather.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and I’m looking forward to seeing your #macramefeather

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with love

Isabella x

How to Make a Macrame Feather