[EDIT- October 2023- Back on editing and updating this post as another conflict is taking place and too many children are suffering or leaving this world too early. My heart has been broken over and over again over the past 10 days. Once again macrame has shown me that I can find light, hope, mindfulness and kindness through the art of knotting. Macrame can help us with frustration, anxiety & hopelessness and I hope this simple and yet powerful macrame peace wreath will help you express and alleviate your feelings.

Praying for peace, with love Isabella].

[EDIT- March 2022- Almost a year later another conflict is tearing the world apart. My heart is crying but I also have so much hope and I strongly believe that art and macrame can help, one knot at a time. Feel free to use this pattern to raise money for charity, to bring awareness, and to help yourself with anxiety and stress. with love, Isabella].

As I am writing this it’s mid-May 2021 after days of violence in East Jerusalem.

I can’t just sit still and watch, it’s just not me, so yesterday I made a macrame wreath with the peace sign. It’s my way to express what I feel with what I have. Macrame and flowers (forget-me-knot).

I am sharing this tutorial with you. I would like to encourage you to share your macrame peace wreaths with me on Instagram here and with others to bring awareness to how conflicts, violence, and war affect children’s mental health and their wellbeing( You can read more on @savechildrenUK account).

If you sell any of these macrame peace wreaths, I kindly suggest donating all or part of the profit to SaveTheChildrenUK here or any other charity.

Thank you in advance.

Take care of each other and spread love one knot at a time.

Macrame peace wreath with forget me not flowers



20cm dia embroidery loop (metal rings could also work)

16-18mt of 5mm single twist string (any other type of string would work too, if the thickness is less you might want to add one or more strands)


2 x 2mt

1 x 1.5mt

6 x 1.5mt


(You can find all the knots tutorials here)

  • Tie a Lark’s Head Knot (LHK) with 1 x 1.5mt string at the top of the ring. If you are using the outside ring of an embroidery loop, wrap the LHK around the metal lock.
  • Tie one LHKon on either side using 2x 2mt strings.
Macrame peace wreath step-by-step
  • Tie 5 Square knots. The number of Square knots might vary depending on the thickness of your string and your tension. Make as many Square knots as you need till you reach the centre of the loop.
Macrame peace wreath step-by-step
  • Split the strings in three sets of two
  • Take 2 x 1.5mt strings and tie 5 Square Knots around the first set of strings on the left. Repeat the same step with the set of strings in the middle and on the right. The number of Square knots might vary depending on the thickness of your string and your tension. Make as many Square knots as you need till you reach the loop.
  • Take all your strings behind the loop and one by one fix them on the loop using the Double Half Hitch Knot.
Macrame peace wreath step-by-step
  • Cut pieces of strings about 10-15cm long and add them to the loop, using the reversed LKH, in between the sets of strings.
  • Cut at the desired length and brush
Macrame peace wreath step-by-step

Sharing a version of the macrame peace sign wreath filled with forget-me-knots to represent all the children’s lives.

Macrame+flowers peace wreath
Macrame and flowers peace wreath

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and I am looking forward to seeing your macrame peace sign wreath popping up on Instagram, don’t forget to tag me here.

Thank you,

Praying for peace, love & kindness for our children.

Isabella xxx

Macrame peace wreath

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