This summer I feel we all need some macrame earrings to wear at the beach, music festivals, holidays or those lazy Sundays.

These are simple and quick to make that you will want to have them in various colours to match all your outfits!

Are you ready?


12 x 20cm of 2 mm single twist strings (I used the one from Green Fibres )

Loop earrings

Measuring tape

Masking tape




– Place 6 strings on your first Loop Earring using the Lark’s head knot (you can find the tutorial for this knot here) PIC 1

– Fix your loop on a flat surface with a piece of masking tape

– Starting from the left make a row of 3 Square knots (you can find the tutorial for this knot here) PIC 2

– Next row start from string #3 and make a row of two square knots PIC 3

– Lastly make a square knot in the middle PIC 3

– Starting from the left take the first string as a guide and make a diagonal of Double Half Hitch knots with strings #2 to #6. (you can find the tutorial for this knot here) PIC 4

– Repeat on the other side

– To close your arrow, use the two guides to make a Double Half Hitch Knot PIC 5

– Cut the strings at desired length and angle

– Using a comb brush your string to make a fringe PIC 6

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and I would love to see photos of your earrings all the colours!

Please share them with me on social media by tagging IG:@_twome FB:@twomeuk or by sending photos via email

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with love, Isabella xxx

Summer Bohemian Earrings